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Be empowered. Become a committee member and take an active role in the decision-making process. As a committee member, you will gain valuable leadership skills while serving your colleagues simultaneously. Learn more by clicking below and applying today.

MetroTex Affiliate Forum members are professionals from businesses that directly support the real estate industry such as mortgage lenders, title company representatives, appraisers, home inspectors and other specialties  During Forum meetings, Affiliates are able to network with each other and plan functions for REALTOR members.  Business development training is provided during the committee meetings, and members are made aware of available class and event sponsorship opportunities.  For information about this committee, contact MetroTex Professional Development Director, Roxie Glenn at This committee meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month.

Information on Advertising Opportunities

Benefits of Affiliate Forum Committee Membership

Preparation of the Association’s annual budget for submission to the Board of Directors is the main objective of the Budget and Finance committee.

This group reviews membership changes as they relate to income and analyzes projected operating expenses and screens capital expenditures for each budget year.  For more information contact the accounting department at  This committee meets on-call – approx. 4 time per year.

Overcoming discrimination in housing continues to be a challenge for the industry.  Through this committee, a desire to help is turned into action and creative solutions to housing problems are found and implemented. The creation of education programs, communication of changes in the law and providing resources on  housing to real estate professionals so that they can better serve the public are among the activities of this committee.  For more information, contact the MetroTex Government Affairs Director Romeo Arrieta at The committee meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.

Diversity Statement



How REALTOR Associations Are Reaching Out

As the pool of U.S. homebuyers becomes increasingly diverse, REALTOR associations around the country are making an effort to see that the same level of diversity is reflected among those who practice real estate.

The NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS launched a Diversity Assistance Program in 2004, which provided 17 REALTOR associations with grants to fund outreach efforts to bring more cultural diversity into association membership and leadership, as well as to attract minority consumers. Read more >

Professional Development Committee members keep their fingertips on the pulse of the industry to respond to members’ education needs.  Activities include planning and implementing technology courses, special topics seminars, MetroTex member orientation; providing Mandatory Continuing Education (MCE), Salesman’s Annual Education (SAE) courses, and offering TAR and NAR courses and professional designations. MetroTex Professional Development Director Roxie Glenn  at This committee meets the 1st Monday of each month.

Creating extra paperwork for REALTORS®  is NOT the goal of this committee.  Instead, committee members have the opportunity to use their experience, opinions and creativity to generate forms, contracts and business aids that will allow MetroTex members to save time and protect their interests in a transaction.  The committee periodically reviews all MetroTex, TAR and TREC forms and contracts for legal or operational deficiencies and compliance with legislative changes. For more information contact MetroTex Professional Development Director Roxie Glenn  at  This committee meets the 2nd Thursday of each month..

Contract tips from the Forms & Contracts Committee:

  1. The Unrestricted Right to Terminate Option time period in Paragraph 23 was changed effective January 1, 2016, to 5:00 pm on the last day of the option period, per the contract terms, in the time zone the property is located.
  2. TAR form #1926, “Seller’s Invitation To Buyer To Submit New Offer” is available for use by Sellers that do not wish to “counter” offer(s), but want to encourage the Buyer(s) to continue negotiations.  Consult your Broker or Manager for proper use of this form.
  3. MLS Status TIP: There are three (3) flags that appear on an Active (ACT) Listing, and remain there for 5 days: “$” means there is a price change; “B” indicates the listing is Back on the Market; “N” indicates a New Listing.
  4. In Paragraph 6D, Objections, it is a good idea to consult a real estate attorney for appropriate language to insert if the Buyer intends, or is considering, tearing down the current structure and rebuilding.  There could be restrictions the Seller and/or Buyer are unaware of.
  5. MetroTex form, “Notice of Withdrawal of Offer” is available for use by members.   It will function for either the Buyer or Seller wishing to withdraw their offer or counteroffer, prior to acceptance by the other party.  Consult your Broker or Manager prior to using this form.  It is in the MetroTex library of ZipForms.
  6. MLS Status Tip: Active Contingent (CON) means the Seller has accepted an offer, but has requested the property remain available for showings, and Seller will entertain back-up offers.  This status may be used in any situation and is not tied to a specific contingency in the Contract.  Ask the Listing Agent before you show.
  7. General Information and Notice to Buyers (TAR1506) is an excellent form to provide to all buyers – not just first-time buyers!  It contains a wealth of valuable information about appraisal, environmental concerns, inspections, home owner associations, mineral interests, property insurance, residential service contracts, termination option…and more!! (Your find this in the TAR library on ZipForms.)
  8. TREC has six (6) Promulgated contract forms. Please be sure you are using the correct form for the type of property: 1-4 Family Residential is for 1-4 UNITS; condominium contract form has specific condo requirements. Do not use the 1-4 Family for condos!  Unimproved is for vacant land, whether a lot in a subdivision or many acres with no structures on it;  New Construction has 2 forms; Complete (ready to move in!) and Incomplete (which can be anything from “dirt” with a build job to not-quite-finished).  Farm and Ranch has very specific provisions for those properties.  USE THE CORRECT FORM!
  9. MLS Status Tip: Active Option Contract (OPT) means the Seller has accepted an offer and the Buyer is exercising the Unrestricted Right to Terminate Option in Paragraph 23 of the Contract.  The property is available for showings and back-up offers.
  10. Paragraph 21 calls for the contact information of the Principals to the Contract, meaning Buyer and Seller, NOT the Listing or Selling Agent.
  11. Most title companies are not able to provide copies of earnest money checks due to regulations about redacting the bank information on the checks.  A good business practice for all real estate professionals would be to blackout the account number and routing number on copies of checks before they are sent to other parties, such as listing agents, etc.
  12. MLS Status Tip: Active Kick Out (KO) means the Seller has accepted an offer contingent on Sale of Other Property by Buyer, and the property is available for showings and Back-Up offers.  There is a “Kick-Out” time period for the Buyer to waive their contingency.  Good idea to check with the Listing Agent before showing!
  13. Paragraph 4 of the revised contract forms, effective January 1, 2016,  calls for disclosure of a relationship between the license holder and “spouse, parent or child,” or business entity in which the license holder owns more than 10%, or a trust where the license holder is a trustee.  Be sure you read this paragraph carefully and make all appropriate disclosures.
  14. Paragraph 7-F, Completion of Repairs and Treatments, states “unless otherwise agreed to in writing…. Repairs and treatments must be performed by persons who are licensed to provide such repairs or treatments, or if no license is required by law, are commercially engaged in providing such repairs and treatments.”  SELLERS MAY NOT MAKE REPAIRS THEMSELVES UNLESS BUYER HAS AGREED IN WRITING!!
  15. MLS Status Tip: Pending (PND) means the Seller has accepted an offer,  the property is not available for showings, and the Seller will not entertain Back-Up offers.


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This group will provide professional development, information and networking resources to real estate professionals and to the community to enhance the awareness of real estate as a global business. For information about this council contact Global Business Manager Steve Trine at  This committee meets on the 4th Tuesday every other month.

Make a Difference.

Make a positive impact in your business and in the industry. Gain a deeper understanding of key issues impacting your clients. Make your voice heard. Get involved today. Join the Government Affairs Committee.

As you know, real estate is a highly regulated industry and is directly affected by public policy.

As non-partisan organizations, MetroTex, the Texas Association of REALTORS, and the National Association of REALTORS are deeply involved in core issues like:

  • promoting and protecting private-property ownership and rights
  • advocating for Texas REALTORS and property owners
  • keeping homeownership affordable

Grassroots Activities

The Government Affairs Committee identifies, monitors, and acts on issues that impact the real estate industry and property owners. Committee members participate in several grassroots political actions including:

  • Help register voters
  • Participate in Calls For Action
  • Vote and encourage others to vote
  • Keep up to date with NAR, TAR, issues
  • Stay apprised of key local issues and report to committee
  • Read TAR’s Legislative Liaison
  • Promote and Invest in TREPAC
  • Have fun and network at our events and auctions

The committee meets monthly. Members have the opportunity to hear speakers addressing government policies and political issues affecting the real estate industry.

Members may qualify to participate in the candidate interview process, which recommends candidates for endorsement to the MetroTex Board of Directors.

Government Affairs Committee members are strongly encouraged to invest at least a $45 “Fair Share” annually in the Texas Real Estate Political Action Committee (TREPAC).

For more information, contact the MetroTex Government Affairs Director Romeo Arrieta at The committee meets on the 2nd Thursdayof each month.

2018 Meeting Dates

Sep 13, 2018 10am –  11:30am
Oct 4, 2018 10am – 11:30am
Nov 8, 2018 10am – 11:30am
Dec 13, 2018 10am – 11:30am

Who Represents Me?

The Investment Committee maintains the financial integrity of the organization by establishing financial policy for all Association reserves. The committee meets annually with the Investment Managers of the Association to review the portfolio investment strategy and discuss any other matters pertinent to the assets. The committee also reviews quarterly portfolio reports and recommends changes to the Investment Objectives and Guidelines of the Association as needed. For information about this committee contact the MetroTex Assistant Executive Officer Ginny Haralson at  (limited to 12 members, appointed by MetroTex Executive Committee)

The MetroTex Charitable & Educational Trust is an independent 501 (c) (3) organization of the MetroTex Association of REALTORS, Inc. dedicated to public, charitable, and educational purposes. Appointed Trustees are responsible for adopting organizational plans annually and establishing task forces in order to implement projects and functions benefiting the mission of the Trust. Trustees have authority to receive all money, securities or other property that may be contributed, and to take action on all distributions from the Trust. Trustees are limited to seven individuals serving a one year term and meet quarterly. For more information contact staff liaison Ginny Haralson at

This group’s unique task is to implement and maintain an on-going leadership skills development program to prepare members for future leadership roles in the Association, their profession and the community. This committee meets the 2nd Friday of each month for MetroTex Leadership Academy Alumni only. For more information contact MetroTex Professional Development Director Roxie Glenn  at

The Leasing & Property Management Committee meets to discuss topics that are pertinent to members involved in residential leasing & property management.  The committee ensures that forms and contracts that reflect the leasing market are available to real estate professionals.  The committee also works to provide education workshops, and support for leasing & property management professionals. For more information, contact the MetroTex MLS Director   This committee meets the 3rd Thursday of each month.

The Value of a Licensed Property Manager

A licensed Property Manager can help keep the stress out of owning rental properties. Brought to you by the MetroTex Leasing & Property Management Committee.


Leasing and Property Management Online Resources

Leasing and Property Management Round Table


MetroTex PAC Trustees are appointed by the President of the Association.  Trustees review recommendations for campaign support based on MetroTex Board of Directors’ candidate endorsements.  PAC trustees also review request for financial contributions directly from political candidates and issue-oriented campaigns such as bond elections.  For more information, contact the MetroTex Government Affairs Director Romeo Arrieta at The committee meets monthly as needed on the 4th Thursday.

This committee’s challenge is to address a diverse array of MLS issues.  The respective MLS areas appoint committee members, and the MetroTex president-elect appoints additional members at large.  This committee deals with everything that insures proper and efficient functioning of the MLS system.  Complaints, statistical reports, technology, keyboxes & keycards, rules and regulations are just a few of the issues that this astute committee has to handle.  Committee members must be GMMLS subscribers.  GMMLS committee members are also responsible for organizing and overseeing their local MLS meeting and tour for the MLS area they will represent.  For more information, contact the MetroTex MLS Director Cathy Faulkner at  This committee meets on the 2nd Monday of each month.  (Two consecutive 1-year term limits.)

GMMLS Reference Materials

Don’t miss the opportunity to join one of the fastest growing grassroots programs in Texas. TREPAC is a statewide, nonpartisan group of real estate professionals working to protect private property rights for REALTORS and Property Owners. The role of a TREPAC/Legislative Liaison is two-fold. First, liaisons are responsible for sharing important legislative information with colleagues. Second, liaisons are asked to encourage office members to support the real estate industry by investing in TREPAC. Committee members are also asked to commit to help at least one TREPAC event planning group as they plan their area TREPAC fundraising event. For more information, contact the MetroTex Government Affairs Director Romeo Arrieta at The committee meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month.

All fees to participate in a TREPAC Event, as well as the purchases of auction items and wine pulls are credited toward your personal annual TREPAC investment.

Why Should You Invest in TREPAC?

Have you made your TREPAC Investment? Click here for a list of members who have invested a minimum of $110 or more in 2016.

The MetroTex Young Professionals Network helps build relationships among young real estate professionals through education, social networking, technology, community affairs, and political involvement. The MetroTex YPN is a member-driven organization that helps young real estate professionals excel in their careers by giving them the tools and encouragement to become involved.  For information about this committee contact MetroTex Marketing Director Joe Mazza at This committee meets on the 3rd Thursday of each month.

YPN 2012 Network of the Year Awards