6 Steps to Selling Success!

Step 1: Prepare Your Home for Sale


If you’re selling a house, you need every advantage to set your house apart. Taking care of small projects that have lingered on your to-do list may significantly reduce the days your house is on the market and even save you a few thousand dollars when you negotiate the final price.

Every home has quirks, but sometimes taking care of a few simple repairs makes a huge difference. If you’ve lived in a house for several years, you may have become accustomed to that kitchen cabinet that doesn’t quite close properly and the bathroom vanity that is slightly off-center.  If you’re a do-it-yourself kind of person, find your motivation and take care of these projects. If you’re not so adept with tools, hire a handyman. While none of these problems will, by themselves, cause a buyer to walk, if a buyer has a choice between two similar houses, they’ll most likely choose the one that requires the least amount of work.

Once you’ve taken care of the small stuff, consider big projects, too. If you know the house needs, say, a new roof, you should bite the bullet and get a new roof. It’s going to cost several thousand dollars, but remember a new roof is a selling point. Most buyers will consider that a huge positive – it’s something they know will not cause problems for many years to come.

If a potential buyer walks in and can immediately count seven or eight small projects, plus one big one, that buyer may cross your home off the list – even if the house is priced fairly and the projects won’t take long.

Fixing lots of little stuff may not cost you much, and knocking these projects off your list can be the difference between a house that sells and a house that sits.

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