6 Steps to Selling Success!

Step 3: Setting the Right Price

Coming up with an asking price is one of the key decisions when selling your home. While there are many sources to help you derive your asking price, you should exercise some care. 

You can find taxable values from most appraisal districts. The numbers here could be close … or not. Checking out asking prices of other homes in the neighborhood can give you some helpful data, but you have to know if the home actually sold for that asking price, how the other property compares to yours in size and features, and even whether the other home is really located in the same neighborhood as far as real estate prices go.

With so many uncertainties, how can you get a better handle on an asking price? A MetroTex Member can analyze market conditions, look at your home, talk to you about your goals and time line, and give you a good idea what your property might sell for. Other sources may give you a good starting point. But if you want to maximize your profit on the sale of your home, no one understands real estate pricing like a MetroTex Member with experience in your area.