6 Steps to Selling Success!

Step 4: Dealing with Offers

When your home is on the market, a prospective buyer may come to you with an offer that you consider low. It’s hard to not get offended because you love your house, but you should keep emotion out of it. Remember that this is a business transaction and there are many reasons a buyer might present such an offer.

A low offer might be used to see how desperate you are to sell. When there’s a high amount of inventory, especially foreclosure properties, buyers feel that they have the upper hand. Counter with something that you see as reasonable and see how the buyer responds.

If you’re not happy with an offer, negotiate—even in a buyer’s market. How quickly you need to sell the property will obviously affect the amount you’re willing to accept, but no matter your motivation or situation, you should make a counter-offer. If a buyer really wants the house, then it should be at a fair price. If not, you’re no worse for the wear. When you get a low offer, it benefits you to play the counteroffer game.

Trust a MetroTex Member to help you with the deal. Not only will your REALTOR help you arrive at a reasonable price when you’re listing the property, they will advise you throughout, and handle the negotiations of the deal as well.