MetroTex Public Education Grant Program

The MetroTex Association of Realtors Charitable trust is pleased to announce the grant recipients for the Fall 2017 MetroTex Charitable Trust Public Education Grants.

This year, MetroTex received 90 innovative grants from area public schools, five grants were awarded with $12,000.00 total distributed.  Metrotex Association of Realtors is committed to supporting its members and the communities they serve.  To that end the Metrotex Public Education Committee receives and reviews applications for grants from public schools in North Texas and awards several grants up to $3,000 to fund tangible student-driven projects that benefit the entire student body.

This year, it was the Public Education Committee’s goal to shift the grant award process to the Fall. The committee awarded approximately $12,000 to provide grants to public schools in the MetroTex Service Area. Committee members were divided into four geographically based teams to review the applications and then to present their top two applications to the entire committee for consideration.  Read more about the history of MetroTex grants awarded to area schools.

This year the grants MetroTex awarded are schools as diverse as the communities we serve.  Here is a brief overview of the grant awards for Fall 2017.


A.E. Butler Intermediate School                                                                 Quinlin ISD

This project adds current and award-winning library books to replace those purged due to age, wear, and damage. This school serves students of extreme poverty. Many of the students do not have running water or electricity and lack the comforts of a traditional home.  Butler’s library provides many students their only exposure to books, but the library is seriously outdated. This School previously received a grant from the MetroTex Charitable Trust which helped purchase books in order to advance a campus-wide literacy program. This grant will continue to fund the existing program, which serve the needs of nearly 600 students, grades 3 through 5. Amount Awarded:  $1661.

From left: MetroTex Goverment Affairs Coordinator Jamie Chancelor, Quinlan ISD Library Aide Christine Ritzenthaler, Quinlan ISD Principle Jo Hughes, Quinlan ISD Assistant Principle Dale Seawright, Quinlan ISD guest and MetroTex Government Affairs Director Romeo Arrieta



Lancaster ISD Anti-Truancy Initiative                                                        Lancaster ISD

This Anti-Truancy Initiative seeks to help keep students in school and return them to the classroom so they can get educated and be present in their seats to learn and achieve by eliminating some of the barriers the students face that causes them to miss school.

Truancy is an issue that can come from several contributing factors such as bullying, not being able to fit in, no friends, embarrassment and being belittled due to having or wearing dirty clothes. Students begin missing days and weeks of school and it affects their grades.


This grant will help purchase 3 washers and 3 dryers and will provide a great opportunity for the Lancaster ISD staff to reach out and offer additional services to the students and siblings. It can also help eliminate diseases and help with their hygiene. Furthermore, this will help some students attend school again, build self-esteem, gain confidence in the school district employees, feel included and it will help eliminate low self-esteem and build strong character driven abilities. Amount Awarded:  $2,700.


Woodrow Wilson High School                                                                    DaIlas ISD

This project will consist of students creating multi-views by hand-sketch and Computer Aided Design before manufacturing a Large Wood Pet Kennel End Table. Once constructed and sanded by engineering students, the project will be painted by art students for aesthetic appeal.

The hands-on experience will validate students’ year-long academic experience in several ways:

Engineering Students will receive beneficial experience by producing a tangible product, Art students will be able to show their craft by making the product aesthetically appealing, and the business department will receive the material cost, man, hour and production time from

start to finish to determine a price point for the product. The houses will be donated to the PTA to auction and the money will be given to the STEM department and used for school/ academic/ learning that are deemed worthy, which include, but are not limited to STEM, Liberal Arts, Finance, Business, or IB. Amount Awarded:  $3,000.


William L. Cabell Elementary School                                                         Dallas ISD

Funds from this grant will be used to purchase equipment and supplies to create two complementary spaces with the school, Heavy Work and Mindfulness spaces, that promote student self-regulation particularly among students with behavior issues, and student self-direction.

A Heavy Work space is a dedicated area where students can engage in evidence-based physical and self-soothing activities to help them become calm enough to learn in a mainstream classroom. A Mindfulness space is a calming space for meditation and reflection that gives students a dedicated area to be quiet and reflect. Both projects will help with the student’s social and emotional learning through the strategy of Proactive Behavior Management. Amount Awarded:  $2978


Eduardo Mata Elementary School                                                              Dallas ISD

This grant is for Rolling AquaUrban Systems, also known as Aquaponic Carts. Aquaponics is a food production system that combines aquaculture, the raising of fish, with hydroponics, the soil-less growing of plants in water, into an integrated system.

Mata is currently in a stage of growth. The current garden has approximately 9 rudimentary garden beds and are tended to by students, teachers, and parents collectively. However, Mata was recently approved for middle school and construction to add grades seven and eight will start in the Spring of 2018. As a result, these 9 garden beds will be abandoned and more than likely destroyed. These Aquaponic Carts will be the only form of “gardening” the students will have until the middle school is completed. Amount Awarded:  $1661