Days on Market (DOM) and Cumulative Days on Market (CDOM)

The number of Days on Market (DOM) in Matrix begins to accumulate once the listing is in the Active Status. The system looks at the List Date and will continue to add days to the total DOM until the property is changed to an Off Market Status.

Active Statuses include Active, Active Contingent, Active Kick-Out, and Active Option.

Off Market Statuses include Pending, Expired, Withdrawn and Cancelled.

There are two exceptions to the DOM accumulation:

Coming Soon Status (CS) – No DOM accumulation occurs while a listing is in the Coming Soon Status. Once a Coming Soon listing is changed to the Active Status, then the DOM starts at zero (0) on the first day of the Active Status. There is no consideration of the listing date for a CS listing change to Active. As a reminder, a listing may be in the Coming Soon status for up to 14 days. After 14 days, if no status change is made, the listing will automatically change to the Temporarily Off Market Status.

Temporarily Off Market Status (TOM) – No DOM calculation occurs while a listing is in the TOM status. A TOM status is typically used to take a property off the market temporarily (for an unexpected seller illness, emergency repairs, etc.).

If a listing changes from the Coming Soon Status to the Temporarily Off Market status, then there is no DOM accumulation.

Setting those circumstances aside, we frequently receive requests once a listing is active to adjust the Listing Date. Again, with the exception of the Coming Soon Status, the DOM accumulates once the listing is active. The Matrix system looks only to the List Date as the beginning date for the DOM accumulation. For instance, if you make a listing active on December 15th, but the listing date is December 1st, the DOM will be 15 days.

As the listing agent, please keep in mind that MLS Staff will only have the List Date adjusted if you can provide in writing (Ex: the listing agreement) evidence that the list date was entered into the MLS incorrectly.

Cumulative Days on Market (CDOM): The Cumulative Days on Market accumulates on each listing and takes into account previous listings of the same property. If a property was on the market for 30 days and then relisted 15 days later, the CDOM will include the 30 days from the previous listing and will then accumulate the days for the new listing.

In order to cause a break in the CDOM accumulation, the property will need to be off the market for 31 days.

Please remember that other agents can see that the property was listed previously through the History function. A Seller and Listing Agent will want to consider this when making a decision to wait 31 days before relisting the property in the MLS.  The fact is was listed previously will be evident.