Event Manager Assessment

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Please review the following scenario and provide a well thought out response to the situation.

You are asked to organize a luncheon for your company's new hires, which will be held at the company office at noon tomorrow. Between 7 and 10 people, including your Office Manager, will be attending but you aren't sure of an exact number yet. The total budget for the luncheon is $150, and you will need food and drink. An HR representative will also be giving a PowerPoint presentation during the luncheon and you will need to provide the proper equipment. No one else is available to assist you with the planning or preparation of the luncheon, but a coworker has offered to pick up any supplies you need.

Please provide a general outline of what needs to be done, along with a list of items you know will be necessary. You do not need to account for the costs of the individual supplies, but keep the budget in mind while formulating your list. You may also assume that your office is fully stocked with typical office supplies, such as pens, pencils, staplers, chairs, tables, and computers. Additionally, please provide a list of questions that you will need answered for you to finish your luncheon planning.

In your outline, please include a brief description of how you would keep track of the tasks, what tools you would use for management and workflow, and how you would share information with the appropriate parties.

(Note: There is no right or wrong answer for this scenario.)