Navigating the NAR Conference

Navigating the NAR Conference

Excited for the upcoming 2022 NAR Legislative Meetings?  Thank you for agreeing to be a MetroTex NAR Director in 2022 and we want to make sure that you enjoy the meetings as much as possible. 

You have been chosen to represent MetroTex and are therefore encouraged to attend the special forums and committee meetings that will provide information and updates on the industry. We encourage you to attend as much of the conference as you can, and will reimburse up to $475 per day for each day you are attending the conference. This stipend includes your hotel and airfare averaged over the number of days (up to five days) you attend the conference, and meals subject to the MetroTex daily allowance.

Before You Set Sail...

Conference Registration:  As a NAR Director, you’ll receive numerous emails regarding registration for the conference; making room reservations; and purchasing tickets to any special events or sessions.  All Directors are responsible for their own registration and hotel confirmations.  If you need assistance or guidance on hotels, please feel free to reach out to MetroTex CEO or Assistant CEO.

Travel Arrangements:  All Directors are responsible for booking their own travel to and from DC.

Expense Reimbursement:  MetroTex will reimburse you up to $475 x the number of days you attend.  (Directors are budgeted for 5 nights.  Additional evenings will be at your own expense.)  This stipend is not meant to cover 100% of your costs, but to acknowledge the value of your time and in appreciation for your involvement.  (The total does include your travel, hotel, and meals.)  A reimbursement form will be sent to you at the conclusion of the conference.  Please feel free to contact the MetroTex Senior Accountant if you have any questions, or would like to request reimbursement prior to the close of the conference.

Attendance Expectations: MetroTex reimbursement is subject to your attendance at the various meetings and events expected of a Director, as follows, unless you have a conflicting Committee meeting conflict:

  • NAR General Sessions (Replacing the former “360 Meeting”)
  • Mega Board Forum
  • Texas REALTORS® Caucus
  • Region 10 Caucus
  • Board of Director Meeting

1st Port of Call Registration Table…

Be sure to stop by the designated NAR registration area. At registration, you’ll pick up your name badge, director ribbon, event tickets and conference schedule. Feel free to ask questions or purchase additional tickets for lunches, special events, etc.

Chart your course…

Read through the information you receive at registration and chart your course for the days to follow. There are a mix of classes, informational sessions, networking opportunities, and meetings!  You won’t be able to attend everything, so find your passion and enjoy your conference!

Activities On Deck:

Committee meetings…
Attend any or all of the committee meetings that capture your attention. While attending meetings, you are welcome to sit anywhere on the perimeter, as table seating is reserved for committee members.  Feel free to raise your hand or go to the microphone to make a comment, as the Chairs often recognize and welcome visitor input.  When you do, please state your name and your association prior to your question or comment.  Reminder:  If a vote is taken, only Committee members may vote!

Time for a break?
Please visit the Tradeshow.  This is another great way to meet people, learn from vendors, and relax!

Evening events…
Be sure to review the receptions taking place during the evenings and get tickets in advance.  These events combine the opportunity to meet new people and greet old friends, often while enjoying a beverage and appetizers.   (Events do sell out, so purchase your tickets in advance online or as available, at the NAR Registration Table.

Hill Visits:
One of the greatest highlights of the NAR Legislative Conference is usually attending a meeting with your member of Congress.  Unfortunately, due to the schedule and visitor limitations this year, only two people will be able to attend Hill visits from our delegation.  These will be limited to the Federal Political Coordinators, volunteer leadership, and/or Government Affairs staff as deemed appropriate.  We look forward to the “regular” schedule next year and including more members on the Hill!

All Hands on Deck:

Board of Directors meeting…Do I have to credentialize if I’m a Director?

YES!  If you are a NAR Director, your most important role is to credentialize at the “credentials tables” prior to the start of the Board of Directors meeting.  Take notice of the cut-off time for credentialing, as those attempting to credentialize after the cut-off time WILL NOT be allowed to do so.  At the desk you’ll receive your Agenda packet, as well as your electronic voting tool.  Please do NOT leave this unattended.

Reminder:  Your duty as a NAR Director is to vote on the best behalf of the National Association of REALTORS®.  Listen with an open mind, consider motions thoughtfully, and vote as your conscience guides you.

Final orders...

Don’t hesitate to ask questions, get involved, and have FUN!  If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask a MetroTex or NAR staff member, or one of the members from MetroTex.  We’ve all been “First Timers” and we’re here to make you feel welcome!

We’re so glad you’re attending and thank you for your service!

Expense reimbursement policy

The MetroTex travel reimbursement process is initiated with the submission of a travel expense report through the SAP Concur App and the Concur Desktop reporting via You will receive account credentials from our Accounting Department in order to use these tools. They are designed to assist you in organizing and accounting for essential information necessary to receive reimbursement. The SAP Concur app allows for you to take pictures of your receipts. These pictures will download automatically to your Concur Solutions account.

Information such as time, place, and business purpose of the meeting attended, type of expense, related cost, and the party to be reimbursed are required and will be notated through the Concur Solutions Desktop software. All travel expense reimbursement requests will be completed and submitted online through the using the Concur Solutions Desktop software.

Detailed and itemized receipts and complete information must be submitted in order to receive reimbursement.  All expenses must be submitted within 30 days of the completed trip. Those expenses submitted after 30 days, under special circumstances, may be approved. Except for special circumstances, no expenses will be reimbursed if submitted more than 60 days after the expense is incurred.

Concur Solutions Tutorial

NAR Director reporting form

As an NAR Director it is necessary to submit the below form for each mandatory meeting you are expected attend any any other meetings you will be attending.

Mandatory Meetings:

  • NAR General Sessions (Replacing the former “360 Meeting”)
  • Mega Board Forum
  • Texas REALTORS® Caucus
  • Region 10 Caucus
  • Board of Director Meeting
  • Max. file size: 50 MB.