Industry Partners

MetroTex is committed to providing Industry Partners up-to-date market intelligence, opportunities to share your subject matter expertise and network with over 22,000 agents. Accelerate your business growth by engaging in MetroTex programs and services throughout the year.

  • Membership Benefits: Discover ways you can save with MetroTex benefits. From networking to insurance, MetroTex can help to reach your goals.
  • Industry Partner Forum Committee Meetings: Get together the 3rd Wednesday of each month. Affiliate members include mortgage lenders, title company representatives, appraisers, home inspectors and other specialties including contractor trades and other services. Network with your peers, attend leadership training and identify key marketing opportunities.Questions? Contact MetroTex Communications Director, Bill Head at
  • Market Statistics: Get detailed, up-to-date, monthly and annual data reports on the North Texas real estate market.
  • MLS / Matrix: Take advantage of online training and support including after-hours.
  • Classes / Events: Search through hundreds of course offerings online, anytime.