Matrix New and Enhanced Features

Auto Email
Includes direct links to the customer full display on the customer portal. A single click will now take the customer to the full details of the property by clicking on any one of the following: the photo, the MLS # or the “More Details” link:

Currently, users get an email warning notification if a contact has not activated the initial welcome auto-email after 7 days. A new email warning notification will be sent to notify a user 7 days prior to when an auto email is about to expire. The time-out on an active auto email is being increased to 60 days.

A user will now also get an email notification warning them when an auto email has not found any matching listing within the past 30 days and gives them the option to renew it. The auto email will automatically expire if no matching listings have been found within the past 180 days.

If a contact already has opted in to one active auto email from an agent and are currently receiving updates, they will not have to click the link in subsequent Welcome emails in order to begin receiving updates:

Further, if a contact clicks on the link in the initial Welcome email, it will automatically enable all outstanding searches for that contact.

Data Checker Widget
A new Data Checker widget is being added to the home page indicating whether or not the user has any Current Violations. The link will only be visible if there is an outstanding violation; however, the user can access their Violation History and view their Notifications at any time. Office Brokers/Managers will be able to access the “My Office Violations” link to view that particular office’s violations.

Edit Contacts from the Send Email Screen
When sending emails to clients, users will have the option to modify the contact’s information director from the “Send Email” screen without having to exist the send mail process. When selecting a contact from the pick list, the user will see a new “Edit Contact” link. This is only visible when a single contact is highlighted and will be hidden if two or more rows are highlighted.

Widget Headers and Speed-Bar Background Color
The current default light-gray background will now be a light blue making it easier to see each widget and allowing the speed-bar to be more visible to the user.

When viewing a customer full display in the Client Portal, the “X” button in the top right corner is getting overlooked, so it’s being replaced by a more prominent “Back to Results” link in the left side of the top bar.

Map Legend
Displays all the map pins and descriptions currently in use and both Matrix and the Client Portal will be the same.

Share Listing
The “Share Listing” option for Facebook, Twitter, etc. has been improved; now the shared listing link will display the address, list price and property description. Also, the image that will be used is automatically set to the primary photo for that listing.

Map Search
When running search using either the Map search on the search form to find listings within a certain distance of a specific location OR the single radius search shape on the map, the results grid will now automatically display a sortable distance column showing the distance “as the crow flies” of each listing from the location entered or from the center point of the radius search.

In the CMA Wizard, if the subject property is mapped, the comparables step will include the distance of each comp from the property.

When using the “Customize” tab, the “Group By” option previously allowed a bucket of 5-20; the user now has two additional options of 25 and 30.’

Issues Resolved

Previously, the Rotation Image Tag was supposed in Win10 but not in Win7 so images taken on a mobile device could appear sideways or upside down when viewed in Win7 but correctly in Win10. A fix has been put into place that will detect the Rotation Tag and prompt the user to correct the rotation when uploading images to a listing.

Users are now able to re-order photos when the maximum number of images are added for a listing.

The behavior of the “Not” search operator has changed so the results will now include listings if the lookup field is “null.”