Privacy Policy



The MetroTex Association of REALTORS®, Inc. (hereafter referred to as “MetroTex”) and Greater Metro Multiple Listing System (hereafter referred to as “GMMLS”) are strongly committed to the protection and security of the information provided to us by the professionals who are members, affiliates or service providers of We respect your right to keep your personal information confidential and understand your desire to avoid unwanted solicitations. We hope by taking a few moments to read this policy, you will have a better understanding of how we strive to protect the information you entrust to us.


Types Of Information We Collect

We collect certain personal information about you – but only when that information is provided by you or is obtained by us with your permission in order to process your transactions, fulfill your requests, and maintain our membership records.. Personal information is information in a consumer report or an individual’s first name or initial and last name in combination with any of the following:

(a) birth date;

(b) social security number or other government issued identification number;

(c) mother’s maiden name;

(d) unique biometric data (fingerprint, voice print, retina image);

(e) unique electronic identification number or routing code;

(f) telecommunication access devices including debit or credit card information; or

(g) financial institution or account information.


Examples of sources from which we collect information include:

Phone calls with you

Member applications submitted in person, by mail, fax, or email

Keycard lease agreements and equipment issue forms

Letters, e-mails or faxes from you

Questionnaires or surveys

Information provided by you online at


How We Use This Information

Improve and customize the content and layout of our sites and other communication both online and in print.

To obtain credit checks on designated REALTOR applicants.

Notify you of updates to our site.

Notify you of relevant products and services.

Notify you of upcoming events and programs.

Compile directories about which you will be made aware

Send notifications of billing posted on

Assist state and national REALTOR® associations and affiliated Institutes, Societies and Councils in membership tracking and for their use for purposes similar to those listed above.

MetroTex and/or GMMLS does not share, sell, or trade e-mail addresses, but may provide you with on-line informational or marketing messages that have been approved by MetroTex and/or GMMLS for the purposes described below:

We will not share, sell or otherwise provide information about you to third parties, except for:

Vendors for the limited purpose of contacting targeted groups of members, through marketing vehicles approved by MetroTex.

When required by law or valid legal process, or to protect the personal safety of our members or the public.


How Is This Information Protected

Electronic records are protected under an access name and password assigned to authorized employees of MetroTex and/or GMMLS. The company and its agents exercise reasonable discretion when discussing any personal information to others only as described by this policy. MetroTex and/or GMMLS instructs its employees to protect the personal information in the membership files in the same manner as described in this policy.

Credit information that you and credit authorizers provide when you make payments by credit card or electronic check for products, dues or other services via the Internet Member Services System will only be used to process the transactions you request. This information will be provided to and maintained by reputable credit reporting databases, but will never be sold, shared, or provided to other third parties.

We maintain security procedures and standards which we believe are as safe as today’s technology permits. We test these procedures and modify them regularly as new technologies become feasible. In addition to the information members, affiliates and service providers voluntarily submit, we may collect your IP (Internet Protocol) address to administer our site and best serve our members. When a web browser or email application requests a web page or email from another computer on the Internet, it automatically gives that computer the address where it should send the information. This is called the computer’s “IP address”. This “address” does not contain any personally identifiable information.


Who Has Access To The Personal Information

Association staff who work directly with membership data entry, billing, or accounts receivable have access to personal information in MetroTex and/or GMMLS company files. Personal information is not given to other members or consumers.

MetroTex and/or GMMLS uses reasonable measures to dispose of personal information. Personal information is usually disposed of by shredding documents, erasing electronic files by means that make the files unreadable or undecipherable, or by eradicating personal information from documents or electronic files in ways that make the personal information unreadable.


Erroneous Records

MetroTex and/or GMMLS offer you the opportunity to correct, update and amend information by faxing information to us, or you can log on at at any time to make changes yourself or verify your information at any time. If you have any concerns, please feel free to notify us by e-mail or phone and we will make every effort to correct, update or amend your information. You may contact us by e-mail at

If MetroTex and/or GMMLS erroneously reports information to a consumer reporting agency, we will act to correct the information in the company’s records and request the reporting agency to correct the information in its records promptly after we have learned and determined that the report was in error.

If MetroTex and/or GMMLS maintains an erroneous record that a member has issued a dishonored check, we will promptly delete the record after the company and the member agree  that the information is in error or after the member provides the company with a law enforcement agency report stating that the dishonored check was not authorized.


Data Security

We use industry accepted tools and procedures that protect the files in our data system and have established an offline privacy policy regarding the membership and other information maintained by MetroTex and/or GMMLS. SSL encryption is used to transmit sensitive data such as credit card numbers to the site. You need to be aware that due to the open communication nature of the Internet we cannot guarantee that communication between you and us and us and you will be free from unauthorized access by third parties nor can MetroTex and/or GMMLS be responsible for members’, affiliates, and service providers’ information stolen from our web site by information harvesting software which may have the ability to scrape data, such as your email address.


Business & Privacy Issues With Links To Other Sites

Neither MetroTex and/or GMMLS is responsible for the availability of or the business and privacy practices of other Web sites which are linked from We provided these links for information and service. We do not take responsibility for the contents, advertising, products, or other materials made available through any other Web site nor for their data collection practices. We refer you to their Privacy Statements and Policies to learn how they collect and use information about you.


Privacy Statement Changes

MetroTex and/or GMMLS reserve the right to change or amend its Members’ Privacy Policy to address new issues of privacy and information security and to reflect changes to our Web site or business practices. If  we make material changes to this policy in how we use your personal information, we will notify you here, by email, or by means of a notice on our home page.


Questions About Our Privacy Statement

If you have any questions about this Privacy Statement you can send an email to: