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RPR Broker

Feb 13, 2019

RPR’s Broker Tool Set includes a variety of invaluable resources offered to Broker/Owners and Managers. Begin by branding RPR and all related reporting for your agents, then dive into market metrics via the Data Tools, and promote preferred affiliated service providers. Get the whole story here

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How the Data Checker Tool Helps Listing Brokers/Agents, Buyer’s Agents, and the Consumer!

Feb 11, 2019

MLS data is held out as being the most reliable source for property data. That is why so many 3rd party data aggregators like will only use MLS data as the source for property information. To that end, our MLS uses a tool developed by Corelogic named Data Checker. When a new listing is […]

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Matrix 360 is finally here and available to you NOW!

Feb 05, 2019

The Leading Multiple Listing Platform Just Got Better. Matrix 360 Video Tutorial Matrix 360 brings together two of the most popular solutions in their respective categories: the Matrix multiple listing platform and the Realist® property information system.   Benefits ► Save time. Leverage Realist data without launching a separate program and leaving the MLS workflow. […]

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How to get an eKey Authorization Code

Jan 02, 2019

Let’s set the scene; You’ve just purchased a new cell phone, it’s Saturday and you have a showing appointment in an hour. You attempt to set up the eKey app on your new phone and….wait……what…..I NEED AN AUTHORIZATION CODE? But MetroTex is closed! Now what? You have a few options available to you so you […]

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Supra eKEY app refresh

Dec 18, 2018

We are excited to announce that an all-new Supra eKEY app! How and when will the app be delivered? If you have automatic app updates turned on, the app stores will automatically deliver the app to your phone. The app stores stage rollouts over 7 days so it could be a week before it is […]

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How to Reactivate an Expired Listing

Dec 17, 2018

If your listing expired less than three days ago and you need to reactivate, you are in luck!   You can reactivate it with Matrix.  Note – this can only be done with in three days of expiration. You must have the MLS number of the expired listing to begin. Go to the input tab and […]

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