Meet the MetroTex Staff

MetroTex Association of REALTORS®

MAIN OFFICE: (214) 637-6660
MAIN FAX: (214) 637-5951

Billing & Accounts Receivable: (214) 540-2750 or (817) 796-5340

MLS Technical Support: (214) 540-2755 or (817) 796-5350
(after hours support 888-440-3687)

Keycard: (214) 540-2754 or (817) 796-5390
(after hours support 877-699-6787)

REALTOR® Store: (214) 540-2753 or (817) 796-5380

Member Services: (214) 540-2745 (817) 796-5370

Professional Development: (214) 540-2751 or (817) 796-5360

MetroTex Service Center Locations


Janet Kane CAE, CIPS, RCE, C2EX

Chief Executive Officer

Phone: 214-540-2701

Mobile & Text: 214-540-2701

Email Janet


Paul Harrison

Director of Finance

Phone: 214-540-2705

Email Paul

Ann Roberts

Senior Accountant

Phone: 214-540-2706

Email Ann

Debra Barton

Accounts Receivable

Phone: 214-540-2708

Email Debra

David Hill

Accounts Receivable

Phone: 214-540-2710

Email David

Brenda Sutton

Accounts Receivable

Phone: 214-540-2709

Email Brenda

Evelyn Villalon

Accounts Receivable

Phone: 214-540-2707

Email Evelyn


Ginny Haralson RCE, CPA, SHRM-SCP

Chief Strategy and HR Officer

Phone: 214-540-2702

Mobile & Text: 214-663-2685

Email Ginny

Lisa Hoard

Executive Assistant to CEO and Event Planner

Phone: 214-540-2735

Email Lisa

Government Affairs

Matthew Church

Director of Government Affairs

Phone: 214-540-2724

Email Matthew

Alina Rosales

Government Affairs Coordinator

Phone: 214-540-2718

Email Alina

Diana Marin

TREPAC Events & Fundraising Manager

Phone: 214-540-2725

Email Diana

IT & Facilities

Jason Hart

Director of IT and Facility Operations

Phone: 214-540-2727

Email Jason

Andrew Velazquez

IT Specialist

Phone: 214-540-2728

Email Andrew

Tim Barton

Facilities Coordinator

Member Services

Gordon Yee

Member Services Director

Phone: 214-540-2723

Email Gordon

Denise Taylor

Member Care Manager

Phone: 214-540-2703

Email Denise

Melissa Boland

Member Services Specialist

Phone: 214-540-1066

Email Melissa

Andrea Gutierrez

Member Services Specialist

Phone: 817-796-5409

Email Andrea

Kdejai Hallman

Member Services Specialist

Phone: 214-540-2719

Email Kdejai

Jennifer Joseph

Member Services Specialist

Phone: 214-540-1071

Email Jennifer

Gabriella Pietri

Member Services Specialist

Phone: 817-796-5408

Email Gabriella

Natasha Rector

Member Services Specialist

Phone: 817-796-5406

Email Natasha

Danyelle Rodriguez

Member Services Specialist

Phone: 214-540-2704

Email Danyelle

Danita Smith

Member Services Specialist

Phone: 214-540-1061

Email Danita

Wondearia Spears

Member Services Specialist

Phone: 214-540-1062

Email Wondearia

Melissa Steele

Member Services Specialist

Phone: 214-540-2712

Email Melissa

Cindy Torres

Member Services Specialist

Phone: 214-540-1057

Email Cindy

Brianna Washington

Member Services Specialist

Phone: 214-540-1056

Email Brianna

Marketing & Communications

Jess Price

Senior Director of Marketing & Communications

Phone: 214-540-2722

Email Jess

Bill Head

Director of Communications

Phone: 214-540-2720

Email Bill

Dustin Balloun

Senior Manager of Marketing & Special Projects

Phone: 214-540-2721

Email Dustin

Juliette Talley

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Phone: 214-540-2742

Email Juliette

MLS Services, Support, and Training

Cathy Faulkner

Director of MLS

Direct & Fax: 214-540-2730

Mobile: 214-417-4887

Email Cathy

Shannon Alford

MLS Support Specialist

Phone: 214-540-2733

Email Shannon

Rhonda Cindea

MLS Support Specialist

Phone: 214-540-2731

Email Rhonda

Lisa Davis

MLS Support Coordinator and Administrative Assistant

Phone: 214-540-2732

Email Lisa

Sherri Godeaux, RCE

MLS Data Integrity Specialist

Phone: 214-540-2748

Email Sherri

Devin Jones

MLS Support Specialist

Phone: 214-540-2740

Email Devin

WJ Miles

MLS Instructor

Phone: 214-540-2736

Email WJ

Edith Vasquez

MLS Instructor

Phone: 214-540-2738

Email Edith

Rachel Hinson

MLS Instructor

Phone: 214-540-2737

Email Rachel

Maggie York

MLS Instructor

Phone: 214-540-2713

Email Maggie

Professional Development

Roxie Glenn

Director of Professional Development

Phone: 214-540-2715

Email Roxie

Anna Brown

Professional Development Coordinator

Phone: 214-540-2739

Email Anna

Natalie Godfrey

Professional Development Coordinator

Phone: 214-540-2714

Email Natalie

Elizabeth Marshall

Professional Development Program Manager

Phone: 214-540-2716

Email Elizabeth

Marisela Martinez

Professional Development Coordinator

Phone: 214-540-2726

Email Marisela

TiAndra Thomas

Professional Development Coordinator

Phone: 214-540-2717

Email TiAndra

Steve Trine

Commercial and Global Business Council Manager

Phone: 214-540-2711

Email Steve