The Top Five Reasons to Upgrade to an eKEY

Just like the magic combination of chocolate and peanut butter, by combining your phone and Supra eKEY you can take two great things and make them better together. As the two most important tools you need to do your business, your phone and eKEY are critical to getting the job done. But carrying that heavy lump of a DisplayKEY around everywhere, remembering to update it every week, and making sure you never leave home without it can be a pain. Simplify your life! Upgrade to an eKEY today.

Still not convinced? Here are our favorite reasons why you should upgrade:

1.    Never worry about forgetting to update your key on the cradle again. The eKEY uses your cellular connection to update your key on a daily basis.

2.    You’ll never be stranded at a property with an expired key. The eKEY will update anywhere you have a cellular connection. (If you’re headed to an area where the cellular service is spotty, simply open the app before you leave. This will update your app for the entire day.)

3.    Increase security for your sellers with real-time showing information. Send showing feedback while still at the house with your buyers.

4.    Manage your lockboxes from wherever you are. Remotely change shackle codes and access hours from your eKEY app. Track your boxes by MLS ID, address and keybox number. Instantly add keyboxes to your inventory from your eKEY app.

5.    Never worry about losing your key or leaving it behind. A DisplayKEY device costs $150 dollars to replace if you lose it, but of you lose or update your phone, simply install the app on your new phone and keep on moving.

It’s time to clear your desk, empty your pockets, clean out your console and dump that heavy lump from your bag. Upgrade to the eKEY today. For more information contact