George Jetson doesn’t live here – but you could.

Saving time, money, energy and effort, smart home technology is now available to the masses. And it’s easier to add into your home than you might think. Have an internet connection and a router in your house? How about a smart phone? Then you’ve already got the basics to get a smart home system in place.

Whole Home Smart systems often involve a dedicated tablet mounted to a wall that controls the home systems – things like heat and air conditioning, lights, audio systems, pool equipment and security monitors. Complementary apps for your phone will let you control these things from room to room or while you’re away. For instance, Smart thermostats can have sensors placed in a room to make sure that rooms that are often uncomfortable get heated or cooled properly. Furthermore, you can change the temperature or change the thermostat to other settings while away, so you set the thermostat to away settings when you leave and can revert to the right temperature before you board the plane to come home.

But it’s not just about climate control, Captain Picard. Smart kitchen features are here, too. Refrigerators can let you know when you’re out of milk. Ovens and even the simple slow cooker are now controlled remotely to adjust temperature settings and cook times. Even plumbing gets in on the action with motion sensors instructing faucets to turn themselves off when no one is in the room. And with remote monitoring, if you get a leak under your sink or from the water heater, remote monitoring can alert you to the problem and shut off the water until a plumber can be called.

There’s no danger here, Will Robinson. Adding to the safety and security of your home is easier now with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that send alerts to you if there is an alarm. Wireless security cameras with audio are now pretty affordable and can both see in the dark and record what’s happening in your house. Garage door openers and locks are also smart enabled. No more lost keys. You can even let your neighbor in to water the plants if you forget to give them a key before you leave on vacation.

Audio and Visual equipment, always at the forefront of technological advances is certainly no exception. Sound systems that play from room to room, and televisions that turn off when you fall asleep are only the beginning. Homeowners can incorporate all of the flexibility they can imagine with shareable content and delivery.

Rosie the Maid also gets a break with the newest technology. Robot vacuums have been around for a while and can link to your phone so you can adjust the settings without having to look for the instruction manual. Even feeding the dog gets automated with wi-fi enabled pet dishes.

Many of these systems are easy enough for the DIY crowd to install.  If you’re planning on adding a lot of systems to your home though, it might be best to consult with a smart home installer to make sure the products you’re considering are scalable and compatible with a whole home system.

If you are considering upgrading your home with smart technology, consult with your MetroTex REALTOR to find out which features are most popular in your area.

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