Be More Successful By Creating a Better You

Business experts, motivational speakers and career counselors agree. You can’t be the best in your business if you haven’t worked on becoming your best self. You can work harder than anyone else, but if you’re not improving your personal skill set, you’ll find it nearly impossible to keep improving your business.

You could spend a lot of time and money on coaches, self-help books, and seminars. But a better way to stay laser-focused on developing your real estate skill set is by pursuing coursework that is specifically designed for your needs. And no one understands the needs of Realtors better than other Realtors and your Association. That’s why our classes and certifications are carefully designed to help you achieve your dreams by offering you classroom mentoring by people who have been through it too.

A great way to improve your personal  skill set is by achieving certifications. Take our new Real Estate Negotiation Expert (RENE) certification, for instance. This brand new program from the National Association of REALTORS includes both The Power Negotiator’s Playbook and Advanced Field Negotiations. Imagine how many more referrals you’ll win when your clients see how you handled that tough situation for them.

MetroTex Association of REALTORS is offering a tremendous variety of certifications this spring to help you become better at your game, open new pipelines, find new markets and become an expert in your field. From learning how to capitalize on the burgeoning international marketplace (CIPS), picking up some expertise on the exciting revitalization movement going on in established neighborhoods in Dallas (HHS), to taking your business to the next level with a broker’s license (ABR), MetroTex has the solution. New agents will benefit from the Leader Choice Listing Bootcamp and Seller Rep Specialist. Agents who want to maximize their online presence will love e-Pro Certification.

As Jim Rohn once said, “What you become directly influences what you get.” Become a better you and watch the skills you develop grow your business with purpose.

Find out more about the many certifications MetroTex will be offering this spring at See you in class this spring!