3 easy ways to make your client’s home more appealing to buyers

Help your clients get the most out of their investment with these simple tips for sellers.

Yes, paint it

They’ve probably heard this tip, but it’s worth stressing: Painting a home is one of the easiest ways to improve the impression your client’s home makes on buyers. They can save money by doing it themselves or save time and pay someone else. If you have good references, they will appreciate it. Bring them some popular color samples to help them decide. Ask at your local paint store for popular choices.

They may only need to paint a room or two, and keep in mind that freshening up the trim and doors might be all they really need

Go for the minor remodel

A major kitchen or bathroom remodel can cost tens of thousands of dollars. While buyers will appreciate the results, your sellers may not recoup the cost of the work when they sell. However, they can make smaller changes—most of which are easy to DIY—to bring an updated look that will appeal to buyers.

You can suggest they consider replacing faucets, light fixtures, and cabinet and drawer pulls, especially if they are worn, dated or just not very attractive. In bathrooms, they’ll get a lot of bang for the buck with fresh towel holders, a new shower head, and light-switch and outlet covers. And be sure to offer advice on dated wallpaper or paint colors.

Spend some time outside

We all know well how important first impressions are and the curb appeal of a house is vital. Remember to take marketing pictures after the front yard has been refreshed with new mulch, flowers, and potted plants. Staging the walk up is as important as keeping the inside tidy. You can also suggest they repaint the numbers on the curb or replace a dented or rusted mailbox.

Out back, more potted plants or flowers can add a pop of color even in small spaces. Suggest your sellers trim back overgrown trees and shrubs – especially if they’re getting too close to the structure. If there are bare spots, they can add fresh sod or create a flower bed if it makes more sense.

Finally, point out the common flaws inspectors find and suggest they address some of the easier honey-do items that are routinely mentioned – in other words, introduce them to the wonders of a caulk gun, freshly painted chimney stacks, and clean gutters.

By helping your sellers tighten up the look of their property, you will all enjoy the benefits of a more appealing and marketable property.