Invigorate your video marketing effort in 2017

In 2017, marketing is going to be all about video. It doesn’t matter if you have a face for radio. You need video on your website, in your emails and on your social platforms. If you’re uncomfortable appearing in video, then focus on other things. Just have video.

Explainer videos
Go behind the scenes at your agency. Explain how the process of hiring an agent works (make one for each target – buyers, sellers, distressed sellers, investors, estates, you get the idea.) You can take them very seriously and make them all about your value proposition, or go a little goofy and riff off someone current (would you buy a house from Jon Snow? You might.) Just make sure you’re still conveying the essential information to consumers.

How-to Videos
Film a series of short (60-second) home maintenance tip videos. You can get ideas for topics from all over the internet. Make these short so they can be easily shared across platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Useful topics might be how to clean the dryer vent, or proper maintenance of your hot water heater. Make little reminders that are simple things people can do without having to call in a pro. You’ll add value to your past clients, and stay top of mind for referrals.

Teaser videos
For a different look, create a Hyperlapse video for use on social media and use as a teaser video. Create a series of online contests by shooting bursts of photos (holding down the photo button as you pan a scene will take a lot of photos in succession, called a “burst”). Capture a burst of something interesting in a neighborhood or around town (horseback riders on a trail nearby, or vendors setting up at a festival) and post a “Where am I? contest.

Live streaming seminars
Hold the equivalent of a first-time buyer’s seminar as a live stream. Explain how credit works, how much people should be prepared to have in hand to close, and all of the steps along the way. You can have a lending partner with you to make it more conversational. Bring in some past clients to offer their success stories. Be prepared to answer questions. Even if you don’t have any questions the first few times you air, you’ll still be able to share that video with your followers (who can also share it) and use it on YouTube.