Team-Building Exercises for REALTORS

Sometimes your team can lose sight of why you’ve come together in the first place: to build success together. Plan a meeting early in the 2017 to refresh that sense of camaraderie – before the go-go-go of spring comes roaring into your office. Here are a few exercises to get the ball rolling.

Sell me my dream house!

GOAL: Build your team’s knowledge about each other as well as buyers’ wants and needs.

MANAGER’S TIP: When conducting a role-playing exercise, play the role of the salesperson first so salespeople can see the style and methodology you expect.

  1. Divide participants into groups of three or four, depending on how many people are participating.
  2. Give each group a large flipchart and a set of several colored markers.
  3. Ask each group to spend ten minutes drawing its dream home. Encourage them to include any feature they would ideally want in their own homes, regardless of costs.
  4. Next let each group describe their home. Ask each to tell you why they chose the features they did and why those are important to them.
  5. After each presentation, ask the remaining groups what strategies they would use to sell this “dream” home to buyers.

10 Fingers

GOAL: Getting to know each other, especially in a new group.

MANAGER’S TIP: Good questions to ask are random things like “I have a cat” or “I have never stolen anything” and so on.

1.    All players stand in a circle, holding all 10 fingers up in the air.

2.    One person at a time, start asking personal questions that take yes-no answers; whoever cannot answer yes to a question, drops a finger.

3.    Last person with a finger left wins.

Collecting Logos

GOAL: Getting to know each other, self-expression, warming up creativity.

MANAGER’S TIP: This is a good exercise for a group of any size, but at least 8 to 10 works best. Groups larger than 15 should be split into teams in the interest of time.

1.       Give each person a sheet of paper and an assortment of pens, colored pencils, or markers.

2.       Ask each person to draw a quick personal logo (something simple, recognizable and easy to reproduce). Logos should be about two inches high and should have his or her name beneath it.

3.       Have participants move around the room asking others to add their logos and names to their papers. While collecting images and autographs encourage people to discuss their interests and backgrounds, and why they chose the symbols they did.

Blindfolded Builder

GOAL: Building listening skills, learning to communicate effectively, learning to work together.

MANAGER’S TIP: Break larger groups into 4-5 people per group if possible. You will need a blindfold (an airline sleep mask works well) and an assortment of Legos. Have one “structure” already built.

1.       Assign one person in each group to be the builder. That person should put on the blindfold. The rest of the people in the group are the architects.

2.       Spread a pile of Lego blocks out in front of the builder.

3.       Hand the architects your already completed structure. This should be a fairly simple creation – it could be merely a wall that is several blocks long and a few rows high. The architects need to direct the builder how to build a replica of the structure they have using blocks that are the same color and size. Architects may not touch the blocks. They may only tell the builder how to get them from the pile and where to place them. No peeking!