Your role in building the Dallas of tomorrow

Let me throw a crazy idea at you. Today, you can change the future of Dallas. You, the private citizen and you the REALTOR can make a few calls today that can build our city’s future.

We work with buyers. We work with sellers. We work with tenants, landlords, and investors who want to become buyers, sellers and landlords. We’re not urban planners or high rollers. Most of us don’t know a thing about commercial investment. We don’t have to.

South Dallas is primed for investment. Mayor Rawlings is ready. The City Council is ready. DART has already opened new service lines. There are plans in place to redevelop South Dallas to make it an inclusive, attractive place to live, work and invest. And that’s where you come in.

In your day to day dealings with people of all kinds, you can mention to them the Grow South Initiative that already making great things happen in Dallas. You can tell people about the Trinity Forest Golf Club, the Texas Horse Park, and the Trinity Audubon Center. Tout the Alamo Drafthouse, the Texas Theater, the Dallas Zoo and the Texas Discovery Gardens. If your buyers want historic homes, there are some fine examples in South Dallas.

Even if your clients aren’t keen on moving right now, they can still invest in South Dallas through the not-for-profit investment fund Impact Dallas Capital. The fund is designed to encourage investors of all kinds to provide long-term capital for investing in the development of the area while providing an acceptable return for its investors. If your clients are business owners, encourage them to investigate the tax and employment incentives offered by the city, county and state to grow in South Dallas. Your job as their REALTOR isn’t to give them financial advice, but you can advise them to investigate the opportunities in their city, if for no other reason than to stay informed of the developments and new businesses around them. They – and you – may discover new opportunities. Just take the time to look.

Here are some great resources to find out more:

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