MLS Tools You Didn’t Know You Had: Cloud Streams

Cloud Streams is a quick way for you or your client to set up MLS searches. All you have to do to register with Cloud Streams through your NTREIS dashboard, is click on the Cloud Streams icon in the top row. Enter your name and email address, and that’s it! Once you’ve gotten registered, you can click Create a New Stream and choose either “Self-Serve” or “Valet.” With the Self-Serve feature, your clients can set up their own, limited search. The Valet option requires you to set up the criteria, but you’ll get more options than they will have to fine tune the search more. That’s it! It’s a very fast way to set up searches.

You might wonder why we need Cloud Streams when we already have MLS listing alerts and a client portal. Well, unlike Matrix listing alerts, Cloud Streams emails include both photos of the listings and your agent photo. They can be set up to send out alerts via text message, and Cloud Streams have a really nice user interface on mobile devices. A nice added feature is that when something changes on a listing, your client will get a text alert.

Set up an unlimited number of clients on Cloud Streams; listings are just as current as Matrix. Plus, with Cloud Streams, neighborhood information like restaurant reviews, and information about schools and mortgages are just a click away.

Pull in more business for yourself when you place the Cloud Streams Lead Generation widget on your personal website. Visitors to your site can set up their own streams as often as they like.

Cloud Streams makes window shopping for a house fun and interactive, too, with a social-style collaboration tool. When a client interacts with a property with a “like” or a comment, you’re instantly notified. Your client can also share streams with family and friends, expanding your marketing sphere.

You also have access to powerful analytics through the dashboard. How many properties do your clients like? What is the average price of those properties? Who is listing agent? See which clients are checking their email, which are changing their search criteria, which ones have been active most recently, and even see the showing instructions. It’s all here on the dashboard.

Check it out. Log in to Matrix to watch the Cloud Streams video to get started and tell us how using Cloud Streams will help you have a terrific 2017.