How loyal are your clients?

How do you build a relationship with your clients to ensure that they become a customer for life? Will they refer you to their closest friends, co-workers, family members? Are you the first one they think of when someone needs advice? Here are some ways you can continue to foster your client relationships long after the deal has closed.

Communication is key. Stay in contact with your client. Make sure they know that you are a resource for them should they have questions, need a referral, or just want to chat. Underscore your ability to listen. Make sure the conversation isn’t just one way. Yes, you’ll push out information to them, and you’ll also ask for them to respond. It’s the difference between asking your teenager, “did you have a good day” or “what was the best part of your day?” One of those prompts might actually spark a conversation.

Here are some of our favorite ways to keep engaging clients. The key is not to pester, but to present something with value.

  • Be reliable. Even if they’re not a current client, return calls when you say you will (or promptly if you don’t have a specific call return time on your voice mail.)
  • Don’t Hide Behind Technology. While technology tools like SlyDial can save time, don’t rely o it exclusively. If you’re returning a call and you know the person on the other end is a talker, begin the call with something like, “I’m just walking into an appointment, but I wanted to get back to you right away.” That way you can be forgiven for keeping it brief. Also, do make sure to check in with clients by phone or in person from time to time. Don’t rely on email or social media for all of your interactions. Face time is important and more meaningful.
  • Remember the little things. Keep an active calendar in you CRM with birthdays, closing anniversaries, and anticipated life events (graduations, births, etc.) and send a hand written note or card as the day approaches. Send a thank you card when a referral closes.
  • Monitor their investment. Provide your clients with a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) in April and let them know that you’ll be around to help them should they have questions when the property tax bill comes due. Set up alerts so they know about sales activity in their neighborhood, changes in interest rates (is it a good time to refinance?), and expiration dates for key things like home warranties and insurance.
  • Keep customers informed or use newsletters to stay in touch. As an industry representative, let your clients know what REALTORS are doing to protect their interests. If there’s an initiative in the works that would impact their property taxes, let them know. Similarly, keep them informed about the latest news with transportation projects, utilities, new developments, and new businesses moving in near them. Be their go-to resource. You can look to this blog for state and local endorsements. If you see something that might be useful in their business, pass it along. In between phone calls, use a newsletter to help them stay informed.
  • Continue your Education. Certifications and designations really do provide you with an expertise like no other.  Stay on top of your game, stay informed and stay apprised of the very latest in the industry.
  • Be consistent.  Make sure clients know what to expect from you and always be truthful. Always be trustworthy.
  • Get together.  Throw a party, meet for coffee, have lunch, or sponsor a table at a fundraiser. Just get together every now and then.