Apply today for the Leadership Academy!

Why apply for the Leadership Academy? Our graduates can tell you for themselves.

“When I joined the Leadership Academy, I was new to MetroTex and didn’t know many members. Leadership Academy was a great way to network with fellow entrepreneurial-minded agents and get to know my city in ways I never imagined. As a Dallas native, I was amazed by how much I didn’t know about my own city!” – Eloise Martin, Class 9

“I enjoyed the whole program. We had a great group of people. I’d been a member since 1991 and I’d never really been involved. Not only did Leadership Academy give me a better insight into the Association, it also introduced me to a lot of other agents and affiliates who have become a great resource for me. Now I have a whole network of peers to turn to for advice or opinions.” – Alan Smith, Class 22

“Because I was in corporate management before getting into real estate, the Leadership Academy seemed like it would be a good way to gain valuable insight into the industry. It definitely was that, and then some! I’d highly recommend it to anyone new in town or new to the industry.” – Sid Thom, Class 19

“The relationships you build with your classmates and the connections you make with the alumni are probably the most beneficial part of the experience.” – Kyle Baugh, Class 25

“Ropes day changed me as a person. You learn so much about yourself. Leadership Academy helped me grow personally in tremendous ways.” – Alicia Schroeder, Class 23

“Bonding. Relationships. Chemistry. It’s amazing how strongly these things develop within your class. It’s really invaluable.” – Rick Davis, Class 26

What is the MetroTex Leadership Academy?  It is a fun and fulfilling ten month training program that specifically was designed to identify and develop future leaders for the Association.

Specifically, the program will:

  • Identify and motivate potential leadership in the REALTOR Association community;
  • Acquaint such leadership with community needs and problems;
  • Build a network of leaders who can enhance their problem solving skills with other leadership abilities through shared perspectives and working together;
  • Challenge potential leadership to Association and community involvement and decision-making;
  • Acquaint such leadership with Association structure and purpose;
  • Emphasize the development of team-building skills among the Leadership participants.

Participant Requirements:

  • Must hold membership with MetroTex as a REALTOR or Affiliate Member
  • Complete entire application and turn in prior to deadline of April 30th each year
  • Complete interview process in May of each year
  • If selected, tuition is due by end of June
  • Interested in obtaining a MetroTex Leadership Academy Application?Want more information about this program? Email the Leadership Program Administrator