What Is Cloud MLX?

What is Cloud MLX?

Cloud MLX is an alternative front end for the MLS. It’s a seamless and modern way for agents to search for and share listings with clients.

Let’s take a look at the top features of Cloud MLX:

Imagine searching for listings in the same way you search for crockpot recipes on Pinterest. You start typing what you are thinking and the search bar suggests options to make searching easier and faster. With Cloud MLX you can search quickly and effortlessly with the smart search bar. All you have to do is start typing and hit enter to select the criteria. If you prefer to search by map, Cloud MLX also offers the ability to search specific areas on a map (similar to that of Cloud Streams). Plus you can save your map searches and they’ll become suggestions upon typing them into the search bar. The more you use Cloud MLX, the smarter the search bar becomes.

For more info about how to search, check out this support article!

What if you could say “sayonara” to MLS spreadsheets? Well now you can. Cloud MLX makes sharing listings with clients easy. Simply start a search, save it, and then share that search with your clients by a unique link. To share specific properties with your clients, simply assign them to a specific hashtag that can also be shared with a unique link.  Plus, since Cloud MLX serves as a ‘hub’ for Cloud CMA and Cloud Streams, you can easily send your clients a Cloud CMA report or set them up with listing alerts on Cloud Streams all in one place.

For more info on using Cloud MLX to create CMAscheck this article outand for creating Cloud Streamshave a look at this article.

Easy Onboarding.
Imagine if you could start searching the MLS the same day you get your MLS credentials. Forget about classes and training on the MLS system, Cloud MLX’s interface is easy to use and provides a similar search experience that you are already accustomed to.

And there you have it, Cloud MLX in a nutshell!

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