2017 MetroTex Charitable Trust Public Education Grant

Metrotex Association of Realtors is committed to supporting its members and the communities they serve.  To that end the Metrotex‘s Public Education Committee receives and reviews applications for grants from public schools in North Texas and awards several grants up to $3,000 to fund tangible student-driven projects that benefit the entire student body.

This year the grants MetroTex awarded are schools are as diverse as the communities we serve.  Here is a brief overview of the grant awards for Spring 2017.

W. O. Gray Elementary School    (Mesquite ISD)
Gray Elementary of Mesquite I.S.D. received a grant to help their library work as an information, collaboration and technology hub by establishing a program using the “Dash & Dot” Robot Wonder Pack System.  The system includes real robots that teaches kids to code as they play.  Using free apps kids learn to code as they make their robots sing, dance and navigate.  The grant money will be used to purchase four iPads and “Dash & Dot” Robot Wonder Packs.
Amount Awarded:  $2,836

Woodridge Fine Arts Magnet Academy School    (DeSoto ISD)
Woodridge Fine Arts Magnet Academy School of DeSoto I.S.D. received a grant to benefit students that struggle to read and write.  The students use technology to work through a step-by-step process to develop subjects to write about using pictures, works and symbols (emoijis).  The grant will be used to purchase 12-15 chrome books to be housed in the school library.
Amount Awarded:  $2,585

Lamar Middle School     (Irving ISD)
Lamar Middle School of Irving I.S.D was awarded a grant to revamp their deteriorating courtyard.  The entire campus will benefit from having a beautiful courtyard for all students to enjoy.  The science students plan to explore and maintain a garden in what will also be used as an alternative classroom.
Awarded Amount:  $2,364

Dan D. Rogers Elementary School            (Dallas ISD)
Dan D. Rogers Elementary School of Dallas I.S.D. received a grant to enhance their English skills.  Because their campus diversity many students speak English as a second language.  An English language listening library will allow student to build language and reading fluency.  This grant will provide three listening stations allowing several students to listen to a book at the same time.  A varied selection of audio books for grades K-5 will also be purchased.
Amount Awarded:  $2,000

A.E. Butler Intermediate School                (Quinlin ISD)
A.E. Butler Intermediate School of Quinlin I.S.D. received a grant will go to drastically improve the school library.  Many of the students live in extreme poverty some with no running water or electricity.  The school library is most students only exposure to books.  The library being seriously outdated has been forced to shred books due to age and overuse.  Many of the old books were taped together, torn, tattered and moldy.  With the help of the MetroTex grant monies the library can purchase new books.
Amount Awarded:  $3,000

Math Science Technology Magnet School             (Richardson ISD)
The Math Science Technology Magnet School of Richardson I.S.D.  is received a grant to help fund a hydroponic tower system.  The campus has recently installed an outdoor learning garden and wants to add a hydroponic tower, allowing students the experience of growing plants year-round.  This system will provide students the opportunity to start the growing process indoors before moving the seeding outdoors for spring planting.  Students will also be using the grant to build a “student-powered” pump to manually pump water to an existing rain barrel and ultimately to the garden beds.
Amount Awarded: $1,800

Annette Rivera – MetroTex Association of Realtors Public Education Committee Member