Matrix 7.0

On Tuesday, May 30th you will be able to experience the new Matrix 7.0 upgrade. This upgrade includes a number of improvements to the user interface for the client portals as well as the header and footer banners available for reports.   With the improvements to the interface, we will now also launch the Matrix Agent Webpages and IDX links.

  • Agents can embed an IDX link into an existing website
  • Agents can enable the Matrix Agent Webpage to use as a standalone hosted page with an integrated IDX search.   The page mimics the look of the improved Client portal pages, but offer a public search not customized to a specific client.
  • More banner formats are available to select as header and footers, in addition to the ability to load customized banners, which are now images separate from the agent profile information.  This allows admin changes to agent profile info to automatically update to the header/footer.
  • Text notifications – agents will now be able to choose their portal notifications to be received via email or via text.

For a full overview of version 7:   Matrix 7 Release Notes

For info on portal settings:  Matrix 7 Portal Setup

There will be some downtime schedule during the night of May 29th. More information on the needed downtime will be released when it becomes available.