Matrix 7.0 Update!

Matrix 7.0 was installed last week which included improvements to the client portals and Google Maps has now been deployed for MLS Mapping. However; there are still a few outstanding issues you should be aware of:

We still have a few outstanding issues:

•    Mapping does not show owner name on parcel. However this information is available in the map overlay.
•    The tab for Google Street View generates a blank page for properties that have had a manual pin placement; however, since we now have Google maps,  the “walking man” icon at the bottom right corner of the map is dragged to the street to convert to street view, just as the consumer google map functions.
•    Header –  display of header on the Quick CMA is blurred
•    Photos –  the thumbnail display of photos is not uniform
•    Print to pdf; the full reports in Matrix are cut off on the right margin when printing to pdf.   This is NOT related to the Matrix 7 update.   A fix is scheduled in the next update;  however,  users can “Preview” the report and use their browser print functions to print or print/save to pdf.
•    Drawing tools –  the drawing tool behaves differently for touch screens;  we have a report that it may have trouble recognizing on “hybrids” whether keyboard or touch is enabled.
•    IDX links are enabled.  These are to be used in an embedded i-frame for existing web sites.  Note, that some sites do not utilize i-frames.
•    Agent web pages –  will be enabled by end of day Friday.
Help documents have been added to the Matrix Help tab:  Setting up Agent web pages,  a Matrix 7 guide and portal setup guide.  These are also available on the portal login notification.

Call the MLS Department with any questions at 214-540-2755 or at