6 Tips for Open House Safety

Hosting an open house helps gain exposure for your listing and gives you an opportunity to meet potential clients, but it can also put you in a vulnerable position. Follow these six safety measures to protect yourself from a threatening situation:

Share Your Itinerary

Never assume your colleagues know your schedule. Tell someone the location and the hours of your open house ahead of time. Then, make a plan to check in after to let them know you are safe.

Create a Distress Code

Have a secret word or phrase to signal that you feel that you are in danger. For example, using someone’s full name instead of their nickname or asking for something specific from the car.

Give Yourself an Exit

Before the open house, walk the home to familiarize yourself with the location of all the doors and windows. Check that deadbolts and the backyard gates are unlocked. Also, never park your car in a place where it can be blocked by another vehicle.

Stay Charged Up

Besides charging your cell phone ahead of time, speak with your clients about the cell coverage on the property. Bring someone with you if there is little to no cell coverage.

Trust Your Gut

Does something seem off or is someone making you uncomfortable? Don’t dismiss it. Instead, let someone know or have your phone ready to call for help.

Be Over Prepared

Take extra precautions by taking a self-defense class, carrying pepper spray, hanging a bell on the door so that you always know when someone is coming in, and pre-programming emergency numbers into your phone.

Find additional safety resources and actionable advice from Texas REALTORS® and the National Association of REALTORS®