MetroTex Chile Trade Mission

MetroTex members Jose Roel Lopez (Chair of the Global Business Council) and Julio Romero (GBC member) accompanied National Assn. of REALTORS® Presidential Liaison to Chile Ileana Bogaert and MetroTex GBC Manager Steve Trine on a weeklong trade mission to Santiago and Viña del Mar in Chile last week. NAR’s affiliated organizations in Chile are ACOP and COPROCH, met with the delegation, with the goals of re-affirming the relationship with NAR, and establishing a relationship with MetroTex as the NAR Ambassador Association to Chile

MetroTex Chile Trade Mission

ACOP AE Cristian Dominguez and delegation

Santiago a large city of almost 7M population with a European flavor is surrounded by high Andean mountains. The climate is very dry, but a small river flows through the city carrying meltwater from the mountains. A major park in the center of the city is the largest urban greenspace in Latin America, and is juxtaposed with La Costanera, the tallest high-rise in Latin America at 64 stories. While in Santiago, the group toured the city and sampled the cuisine, which is an intriguing amalgam of German, Hispanic, Croat and Italian influences. The typical drink is the Pisco Sour, somewhat similar to a Margarita. Pisco itself is a brandy made from distilled grape juice, and is common in both Peru and Chile. Other wonderful tastes included ceviche, mancha clams, very fresh seafood and fabulous beef. Not to be neglected are the inexpensive and excellent wines of Chile.

Beachfront in Viña del Mar

The group made a day trip to Viña del Mar, a resort city on the coast near Valparaiso, which is the main port city of Chile. Viña is a beach city, with some of the characteristics of Santa Monica and San Francisco. Mountains descend directly to the ocean, and the beach is lined with a combination of condominiums and older buildings. The beachfront is an attractive area with lots of activity of all sorts.

Viña del Mar COPROCH

The general consensus of the trade mission was that Chile has opportunities for purchase and investment in multiple market segments, including industrial, commercial, multi-family, resort and agricultural (particulars vineyards). If you or your clients wish to know more, please contact Steve Trine at MetroTex to find out how you can learn more.