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We appreciate your interest in joining a 2019 MetroTex committee. The committee enrollment period is now closed. If you are interested in being a non-voting observer of a MetroTex committee in 2019 please contact the staff liaison listed for each committee below for a meeting schedule.

MetroTex Affiliate Forum members are professionals from businesses that directly support the real estate industry such as mortgage lenders, title company representatives, appraisers, home inspectors and other specialties  During Forum meetings, Affiliates are able to network with each other and plan functions for REALTOR members.  Business development training and Affiliate Orientation are provided during the committee meetings, and members are made aware of available class and event sponsorship opportunities. For information about this committee, contact MetroTex Marketing Director, Joe Mazza at

Information on Advertising Opportunities

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Preparation of the Association’s annual budget for submission to the Board of Directors is the main objective of the Budget and Finance committee.

This group reviews membership changes as they relate to income and analyzes projected operating expenses and screens capital expenditures for each budget year.  This committee meets on-call – approx. 4 time per year.

The MetroTex Charitable & Educational Trust is an independent 501 (c) (3) organization of the MetroTex Association of REALTORS, Inc. dedicated to public, charitable, and educational purposes. Appointed Trustees are responsible for adopting organizational plans annually and establishing task forces in order to implement projects and functions benefiting the mission of the Trust. Trustees have authority to receive all money, securities or other property that may be contributed, and to take action on all distributions from the Trust. Trustees are limited to seven individuals serving a one year term and meet quarterly. For more information contact staff liaison Ginny Haralson at

The Diversity & Housing Initiatives committee explores how businesses and governments respond to diversity issues.  The committee also explores multiple housing programs and options in an effort to advance the availability of home ownership. The goal of this committee is to continually educate MetroTex members on how to serve clients and conduct business in an increasingly diverse environment. For more information, contact the MetroTex Government Affairs Director Matthew Church at

Minutes & Agenda
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Creating extra paperwork for REALTORS®  is NOT the goal of this committee.  Instead, committee members have the opportunity to use their experience, opinions and creativity to generate forms, contracts and business aids that will allow MetroTex members to save time and protect their interests in a transaction.  The committee periodically reviews all MetroTex, TAR and TREC forms and contracts for legal or operational deficiencies and compliance with legislative changes.  For more information contact MetroTex Professional Development Director Roxie Glenn  at

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The Global Business Council Advisory Board will drive the Global Business Council activities, providing direction, prioritization and guidance. Global Business Council Advisory Board members must have been active on the Global Business Council for the year prior to application to the Advisory Board. Strong preference will be given to applicants with CIPS, AHWD, or Luxury Home designations, as well as those having experience working with the global market segment. The Advisory Board members may expect to participate in other Global Business Council activities such as inbound Trade Missions, networking events and the Global Business and Diversity event.  For information about the Global Business Council Advisory Board, contact Global Business Manager Steve Trine at

 Minutes & Agenda
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GBC Newsletter
Do you work with foreign buyers or sellers? Are you foreign born and wish to develop your foreign client base? Do you want to be able to recognize and protect yourself and your clients from issues that arise in Global Transactions not seen in the normal transaction? Sign up for the Global Business Council Newsletter! You will receive twice-monthly newsletters with information on the Global Market in DFW, Economic Updates, Cultural events in DFW, Global Business Council meetings, and Education opportunities. The Global Council meetings are an opportunity to network with fellow practitioners and to attend 1-hour seminars on topics of interest to Global Practitioners. Experts on topics such as Visas and their impact on transactions, Lending for foreign buyers, FIRPTA and tax issues for the Buyer and Seller, and working with different cultures, among other fascinating topics present the seminars for your benefit.

The Government Affairs Committee identifies, monitors, and acts on issues that impact the real estate industry and property owners. Committee members participate in several grassroots political actions including:

  • Helping to register voters
  • Participating in Calls for Action
  • Voting and encouraging others to vote
  • Keeping up to date with NAR, TAR, issues
  • Staying apprised of key local issues and report to committee
  • Promoting and Invest in TREPAC

Members learn from speakers addressing government policies and political issues affecting the real estate industry and North Texas economy.

Members may qualify to participate in the candidate interview process, which recommends candidates for endorsement to the MetroTex Board of Directors.

Real estate is a highly regulated industry and is directly affected by public policy. As non-partisan organizations, MetroTex, the Texas Association of REALTORS, and the National Association of REALTORS are deeply involved in core issues like:

  • promoting and protecting private-property ownership and rights
  • advocating for Texas REALTORS and property owners
  • keeping homeownership affordable

For more information, contact the MetroTex Government Affairs Director Matthew Church at

2019 Meeting Dates:

July 11, 2019
August 8, 2019
September 12, 2019
October 3, 2019
November 14, 2019
December 12, 2019

Who Represents Me?

Minutes & Agenda
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The Investment Committee maintains the financial integrity of the organization by establishing financial policy for all Association reserves. The committee meets annually with the Investment Managers of the Association to review the portfolio investment strategy and discuss any other matters pertinent to the assets. The committee also reviews quarterly portfolio reports and recommends changes to the Investment Objectives and Guidelines of the Association as needed. For information about this committee contact the MetroTex Assistant Executive Officer Ginny Haralson at  (limited to 12 members, appointed by MetroTex Executive Committee)

The Leasing & Property Management Committee members are charged with:

  • Ensuring that forms and contracts that pertain to the leasing market are available to real estate professionals.
  • Provide education workshops, and support for leasing & property management professionals.
  • Discuss and share topics and experiences that members encounter related to residential leasing & property management.

For more information, contact the MetroTex MLS Director

Minutes & Agenda
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The Value of a Licensed Property Manager

A licensed Property Manager can help keep the stress out of owning rental properties. Brought to you by the MetroTex Leasing & Property Management Committee.

Leasing and Property Management Online Resources

Leasing and Property Management Round Table

The MLS addresses a diverse array of MLS issues.
• Committee members are elected or appointed by their respective MLS Area. The GMMLS President also appoints At Large positions. Committee members must have their MLS Services through MetroTex.
• The Committee members are responsible for addressing issues affecting the functions of the MLS system, MLS rules enforcement, enforcement of Key Service rules and regulations.
• MLS committee members are also responsible for organizing and overseeing their local MLS meeting and tour for the MLS area they will represent.

For more information, contact the MetroTex MLS Director Cathy Faulkner at

GMMLS Reference Materials

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MetroTex PAC Trustees are appointed by the President of the Association.  Trustees review recommendations for campaign support based on MetroTex Board of Directors’ candidate endorsements.  PAC trustees also review request for financial contributions directly from political candidates and issue-oriented campaigns such as bond elections.  For more information, contact the MetroTex Government Affairs Director Matthew Church at

Professional Development Committee members keep their fingertips on the pulse of the industry to respond to members’ education needs. Activities include planning and implementing technology courses, special topics seminars, MetroTex new member orientation; providing Continuing Education (CE), Salesman’s Apprentice Education (SAE) courses, and offering TAR and NAR courses and professional designations.  For more information contact MetroTex Professional Development Director Roxie Glenn  at

Minutes & Agenda

 February     –     April     –     June     –     August     –     October     –     December

TREPAC is a statewide, nonpartisan group of real estate professionals working to protect private property rights for REALTORS and Property Owners. The TREPAC committee raises money and awareness for the Texas Real Estate Political Action Committee (TREPAC).

Committee members are also encouraged to educate others about how TREPAC protects property rights and the real estate industry.  Committee members are also asked to commit to help at least one TREPAC event planning group as they plan their area TREPAC fundraising event.

For more information, contact the MetroTex Government Affairs Director Matthew Church at

All fees to participate in a TREPAC Event, as well as the purchases of auction items and wine pulls are credited toward your personal annual TREPAC investment.

Why Should You Invest in TREPAC?

Minutes & Agenda
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The task of this committee is to give direction to the TRLP class and maintain an on-going leadership skills development program to prepare committee members for leadership roles in their community, their profession and at all levels of the Association.  All committee members must be graduates of TRLP.

TRLP Alumni will have an opportunity each year to pay dues, which will be used to offset the cost of closed alumni programs and events.  The dues levels are $35, $50, $75 and $100.

Alumni –Pay Your Dues Link

For more information contact MetroTex Professional Development Director Roxie Glenn  at

Minutes & Agenda
January      –    February    –    April    –    May     –     June
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The MetroTex Young Professionals Network helps build relationships among young real estate professionals through education, social networking, technology, community affairs, and political involvement. The MetroTex YPN is a member-driven organization that helps young real estate professionals excel in their careers by giving them the tools and encouragement to become involved.  For information about this committee contact MetroTex Marketing Director Joe Mazza at

Minutes & Agenda
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