MetroTex Committees

MetroTex offers many opportunities for members to get involved by serving on an association committee. Committee service allows you the opportunity to make new contacts, enhance your professional abilities and make a difference from behind the scenes.  MetroTex is making it easier than ever to get involved with our web meeting platform. You can now attend our committee meeting from the comfort of your home or office. Our new high definition audio/video resources allows all meeting attendees to see and hear every minute of the meeting just like your are in the room.  If interested in attending a committee meeting please contact the MetroTex staff representative listed in each committee description below.

MetroTex Affiliate members are professionals from businesses that directly support the real estate industry such as mortgage lenders, title company representatives, appraisers, home inspectors and other specialties. For information about this committee, contact MetroTex contact MetroTex Communications Director, Bill Head at

The Budget & Finance Committee of the Association is responsible for monitoring the income and expense accounts of the Association, determining the best methods of financing Association programs, projects and services, and recommending the annual budget to the Board of Directors for approval. Meetings begin in late June or early July and conclude in September. The annual budget shall be submitted to the Board of Directors in September for approval, preceding the budget year. For information about this committee, contact MetroTex Director of Finance, Paul Harrison at

The Commercial Committee guides MetroTex on issues and services affecting the commercial practitioner of MetroTex.  The committee makes recommendations on education, networking, communications and services that they feel will help the commercial practitioners be successful in their business. For information about the Commercial Committee, contact Global Business Manager Steve Trine at

MetroTex’s Community Outreach Committee is responsible for building and maintaining positive relationships through community involvement and outreach.  This committee is dedicated to public, charitable, educational purposes and is responsible for adopting organizational plans annually and both establishing and implementing projects to improve our presence in the community.  For more information contact MetroTex Community Relations Manager, Justin Young at

The Diversity Committee explores how businesses and governments respond to diversity issues. The committee also explores multiple housing programs and options in an effort to advance the availability of home ownership. The goal of this committee is to continually educate MetroTex members on how to serve clients and conduct business in an increasingly diverse environment. For more information, contact the MetroTex Government Affairs Director Matthew Church at

Committee members generate forms, contracts and business aids that will allow members to save time and protect their interests in a transaction. The committee periodically reviews all MetroTex, Texas REALTORS® and TREC forms and contracts for legal or operational deficiencies and compliance with legislative changes.  For more information contact MetroTex MLS Director Cathy Faulkner at

Global Business Council will drive the Global Business Forum activities, providing direction, prioritization and guidance. Global Business Council members must have been active on the Global Business Council or Forum for the year prior to application to the Committee. Strong preference will be given to applicants with CIPS, AHWD, as well as those having experience working with the global market segment. The Global Business Council members are expected to participate in Global Business Forum activities such as inbound Trade Missions, networking events and the global business and diversity events. For information about the Global Business Committee, contact Global Business Manager Steve Trine at

Monitors local legislation and recommends positions, in concert with Texas REALTORS® & NAR; Responsible for responding to member Texas REALTORS® & NAR “Calls to Action”; responsible for interviewing, recommending, and promoting candidates, with emphasis on the local level.

For more information, contact the MetroTex Government Affairs Director Matthew Church at

The Investment Committee maintains the financial integrity of the organization by establishing financial policy for all Association reserves. The committee meets annually with the Investment Managers of the Association to review the portfolio investment strategy and discuss any other matters pertinent to the assets. The committee also reviews quarterly portfolio reports and recommends changes to the Investment Objectives and Guidelines of the Association as needed.  For information about this committee, contact MetroTex Director of Finance, Paul Harrison at  (limited to 12 members, appointed by MetroTex Executive Committee)

Ensures that forms and contracts that pertain to the leasing market are available to real estate professionals. Provide educational workshops, and support for leasing & property management professionals.  For more information, contact the MetroTex MLS Director

January Agenda

The MLS addresses a diverse array of MLS issues.  Committee members are elected or appointed by their respective MLS Area. The GMMLS President also appoints At Large positions. Committee members must have their MLS Services through MetroTex.  The Committee members are responsible for addressing issues affecting the functions of the MLS system, MLS rules enforcement, enforcement of Key Service rules and regulations.  MLS committee members are also responsible for organizing and overseeing their local MLS meeting and tour for the MLS area they will represent.  For more information, contact the MetroTex MLS Director Cathy Faulkner at

GMMLS Reference Materials

Responsible for planning and promoting the educational offerings of the Association. Assists with promotion of special seminars and educational offerings of other Association committees and NAR sanctioned Institutes, Societies or Councils. For more information contact MetroTex Professional Development Director Roxie Glenn  at

Responsible for maintaining an ongoing leadership skills development program to prepare members for future leadership roles in the Association, their profession and the community. This committee is for MetroTex TRLP Leadership Alumni only.

TRLP Alumni will have an opportunity each year to pay dues, which will be used to offset the cost of closed alumni programs and events.  The dues levels are $35, $50, $75 and $100.

Alumni –Pay Your Dues Link

For more information contact MetroTex Professional Development Director Roxie Glenn  at

TREPAC is a statewide, nonpartisan group of real estate professionals working to protect private property rights for REALTORS® and Property Owners. The TREPAC committee raises money and awareness for the Texas Real Estate Political Action Committee (TREPAC). Committee members are also encouraged to educate others about how TREPAC protects property rights and the real estate industry. Committee members are also asked to commit to help at least one TREPAC event planning group as they plan their area TREPAC fundraising event.  For more information, contact the MetroTex Government Affairs Director Matthew Church at

All fees to participate in a TREPAC Event, as well as the purchases of auction items and wine pulls are credited toward your personal annual TREPAC investment.

Why Should You Invest in TREPAC?

The volunteer leadership committee coordinates volunteer leadership development through recruitment/identification of volunteer leaders; establishing a mentorship program and increase education offerings to further educate and train new leaders for local, state, and NAR positions.

The MetroTex Young Professionals Network helps build relationships among young real estate professionals through education, social networking, technology, community affairs, and political involvement. The MetroTex YPN is a member-driven organization that helps young real estate professionals excel in their careers by giving them the tools and encouragement to become involved.  For information about this committee contact Elizabeth Harris at