How the Data Checker Tool Helps Listing Brokers/Agents, Buyer’s Agents, and the Consumer!

MLS data is held out as being the most reliable source for property data. That is why so many 3rd party
data aggregators like will only use MLS data as the source for property information. To
that end, our MLS uses a tool developed by Corelogic named Data Checker.

When a new listing is entered into the MLS, Data Checker uses several data points to ensure the
accuracy and quality of the information entered into the MLS. Data Checker applies the public record
data, NTREIS business rules, and Fair Housing guidelines to ensure accurate and compliant MLS data.
The business rules applied look at the timeliness of listing entry, whether a Pending listing has been in
that status over 90 days, and if the Option Period has expired. Business rules are also applied to the
public remarks, driving directions, and photo description to prevent unnecessary listing agent contact
information such as web addresses or phone numbers.

The public record data is used to verify the property’s parcel ID number, county, address, city, and
school district. If a deed change is recorded for a property the deed change is measured against the
status of the listed property. If the property is in an off the market status and not in the sold status at
the time of the deed change, then data checker will flag the property with a “Failure to Report Sold

Fair Housing compliance is also an important function of Data Checker. While few properties are flagged
for possible Fair Housing violations, there have been a few. This important tool provides risk reduction
for the listing broker, education for the listing agent, and protection for the consumer against

Data Checker notifications use only email notifications. Those notification emails go to the listing agent,
listing broker and listing office managers. If you receive a Data Checker violation email, please look at
the violation closely and make any recommended changes. While the initial emails that go out from
Data Checker are automated, please know that MLS staff do review any replies to those emails. If you
don’t agree with the violation or if you have a question, please don’t hesitate to reply to those emails.

Lastly, don’t ignore those emails. There are fines associated with the failure to comply or respond to the
requests for information. Our goal in the MetroTex MLS Department is to ensure quality data. We have
no interest in levying fines. However; if there is a failure or refusal to comply, we do have policies in
place that may ultimately lead to fines to the listing broker and/or listing agent.

Data Checker provides a valuable tool of measurement to help listing brokers/agents and buyer’s agents
provide property data that is as accurate as possible. While Data Checker cannot check every field for
every possible violation, it is a great starting place.

If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact the MLS Department at 214-540-2755.