FAQ: Upcoming Changes to Unconfigured Listings in the BrokerBay Showing Platform

What is an Unconfigured Listing?

An Unconfigured Listing is an active MLS listing, with BrokerBay as the selected showing service, that does not have inputted property access instructions within the BrokerBay Platform.

What is the impact of an active BrokerBay listing not containing access instructions?

Without accurate access instructions, the BrokerBay Platform (or BrokerBay Live Concierge) are unable to action showings booked on that property.

Who is responsible for inputting property access instructions within BrokerBay?

The Listing Agent or their authorized Office Administrator.

How can the Listing Agent or their Authorized Administrator input property access instructions within BrokerBay?

We’ve got a short step-by-step video on the BrokerBay Knowledgebase here.

What is the upcoming change to how BrokerBay handles Unconfigured Listings?

As of September 4th 2023, the BrokerBay Live Concierge will no longer accept bookings on listings that do not contain property access instructions.

As of October 2023, the BrokerBay Platform will no longer accept booking on listings that do not contain property access instructions.

I am a Listing Agent, how does this change impact me?

Please ensure your listing is configured with property access instructions within BrokerBay after you upload it to your MLS. As long as this is completed, there is no impact to you or your business.

I am a Showing Agent, Inspector, or Appraiser, how does this change impact me?

Previously, you might have waited an unreasonably long period of time to have a booked showing confirmed, or experienced showings that never got actioned. You may have called in for updates on these showings and received conflicting messaging as to why. The underlying source of the vast majority of these issues have been identified as Unconfigured Listings. When the change goes into effect, you will see an improved experience with both appointment handling time and the BrokerBay Live Concierge.