Frequently Asked BrokerBay Questions Answered

We know you have questions regarding the newly launched BrokerBay showing service. Below is a quick Q&A to help address some common concerns.

Is BrokerBay going to take the place of ShowingTime? And will we need to register through MetroTex or create our own accounts directly through BrokerBay?

BrokerBay will not replace ShowingTime. Brokers will be able to choose between the two showing services. BrokerBay is offered through NTREIS and will be included as part of your MLS Services and MLS fees. In order to use BrokerBay, your broker will have to register. Once a broker signs up, then their agents can begin to use BrokerBay on their launch date.

Will my MLS dues be going up because of this?

The contract for BrokerBay will be through NTREIS. Yes, there will be an increase in the MLS fees to cover the fee increase from NTREIS. MetroTex has not increased MLS quarterly fees since 2012. BrokerBay along with MLS-Touch will become part of the suite of MLS products provided by NTREIS. The MLS fees have now been set for first quarter MLS in the amount of $135.00.

We encourage you to look into BrokerBay to see if there will be any cost savings opportunities. Additionally, the integration between BrokerBay and Supra will eventually mean that in the future, you will be able to schedule appointments through the eKey App. Also in the future, BrokerBay will interact with the Supra lock boxes so that you can restrict those who do not have an appointment from opening the box.

I need help with BrokerBay. How do I get help?

BrokerBay Support can be contacted by email at or by phone at 800-257-1242.

I missed the training sessions for BrokerBay. Will you teach classes or will there be more webinars?

Members may watch the recorded sessions. The links are below:

At this time, no further webinars are scheduled, but we will encourage BrokerBay to schedule additional offerings.

Will BrokerBay have a call center like Showing Time where I can call to book or confirm an appointment or do I have to do everything through the App or Online?

Yes, BrokerBay has established a call center to accommodate this request. You can contact the call center at at 800-257-1242.