FREE WEBINAR Texas Housing: How Broken is the Market? What’s Next?

Texas Housing: How Broken is the Market? What’s Next? with Dr. James P. Gaines Chief Economist, Real Estate Center, Texas A&M University

Dr. Gaines will talk about the current state of the economy and housing market. How big a hole are we in? How and when will we dig out? Surprisingly, he says, the housing market hasn’t completely collapsed, although it will probably be down for a while.


1. The Global and U.S. Economy’s Future

2. How Has Texas Fared So Far?

3. A Double Whammy in Texas With the Energy Market Decline

4. Housing Markets Reacting to Changes and What’s Likely to Come

About The Speaker

Dr. Jim Gaines has been with the Real Estate Center since 2005 and serving as the Chief Economist since September 2015. Dr. Gaines focuses on the Texas economy as well as housing and land development issues throughout the state. He was an Associate Professor of Real Estate and Finance at the University of South Carolina before serving as President of Rice Center, an urban research center affiliated with Rice University. Dr. Gaines earned his B.B.A., M.A. and Ph. D. degrees at the University of Georgia.

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