North Texas Global Real Estate Resources

Located in North Texas, the greater DFW area consists of 14 cities of 100,000 or more totaling a market of 7.5 million people. It is a large area spanning 60 miles east to west and north to south. In 1990, DFW was ranked the 9th largest US metro with 3.9 million. Growth was spurred by the opening of DFW International Airport and its rise as a major hub, and a flurry of corporate moves to the region. By 2018, the DFW region had risen to the 4th largest metro with 7.5 million, only behind New York City, Los Angeles, & Chicago. DFW is the largest Texas region for High Tech Jobs (31%} and Manufacturing Jobs (32%} and #1 in the Country for capital investment/job creation, MSA per capita GDP, & New Home Construction. A great asset of college graduates exists in the area with over 49,000 degrees awarded to the 380,000 students enrolled in higher education across North Texas. In total, over 296,000 graduates from the 100+ colleges and universities within Texas and its four adjacent states have moved to DFW to work.

If you are a CEO searching for a new location for your company in the U.S., certain factors will narrow your choices. Texas is a Right to Work State with Low Worker Compensation Cost, NO State Income Tax, and ranked as a Top 10 State for Business. The location of DFW allows access to every major city in the continental USA within 4 hours via DFW International Airport. DFW is a headquarters magnet, currently the home of 24 Fortune 500 companies, with 3 companies also ranked in Fortune’s Global Top 20, #2 Exxon Mobil, #7 McKesson, & #9 AT&T. Only Beijing has as many and no other U.S. or international metro area has more than one. Since 2010, more than 130 new headquarters have relocated to DFW, 49 from California alone, joining 10 other major headquarters that moved here prior to 2010, including American Airlines.

A great strength of DFW is the industry diversity, not dependent on one industry. It is a Top 5 North American Metro in 10 Major Industries. DFW is ranked 3rd for large metro job growth, creating nearly 100,000 jobs yearly, having created over 754,000 jobs since 2010. DFW ranks 5th for New Tech jobs, accounting for 47% of the 74,400 new tech jobs in Texas over the last 5 years.