How To Extend a Listing That’s Expiring

As the end of the year approaches, many listings are set to expire. This article will describe the proper way to extend a listing expiration date in Matrix so that your listing will not expire in error!

To extend the listing BEFORE it expires, go to the Matrix landing page, and then click the Input Tab.

From the listing dropdown list, you will choose the listing that you want to extend the expiration date.

On the following screen, you will then click on the Residential link, enter the new expiration date in the Expire Date Field, and then click Submit Property.

If you forget to extend the listing prior to the expiration date and your listing is Expired Status, then within 3 days, you may extend the expiration date through the following steps:

Matrix Listing Change to Active
Matrix Listing Expiration Date
Matrix Submit Property

Important Tip:

If your listing has expired, never change the expiration date from the Property Info tab when editing the listing. The listing will lock down and you will not be able to use the Change to Active function. If this occurs MLS staff will need to intervene.

*This article was edited 12/27/22 to correct an error in the instructions.