Matrix Maintenance Scheduled Overnight Tuesday, October 11

Corelogic will perform system maintenance on Matrix beginning at midnight on Tuesday night, October 11th until approximately 12:46 am October 12th. Downtime of up to 15 minutes is expected during that maintenance window.

This update will include several bug fixes and a new shareable OneHome Link. Other new features will require additional configuration before they are available to end users.

Shareable OneHome Links:  Agents can now select listings in their search results and generate a shareable link to view those listings in OneHome. They may share this non-expiring link with as many people as desired by pasting it in emails or texts sent outside the Matrix application, by posting the URL on social media, or any other means they choose to share it.

Bug Fixes/Enhancements –  Several bug fixes, some visible to  users and some not are in this version.  Included fixes are:

  • Fixed: When saving a new auto email and selecting the “—more—” option in the list of contacts, or when converting a saved search into an auto email, the form would display an alert that no To email address was specified
  • Fixed: The text field at the bottom of the Concierge Approvals page which allows an agent to add a custom message to email which sends these approved listing(s) did not display correctly nor show its intended placeholder text
  • Agent branding fields on the My Information and OneHome tabs now support up to 200 characters, rather than the previous limit of 60
  • The word “OneHome” has been removed from the names of all branding fields on the OneHome tab in Settings to avoid minor confusion and redundancy.
  • The agent photo on the OneHome tab of My Information now displays at a smaller size to more easily see and access the fields beneath it.

Also Coming Soon!!!!

New Features that will require additional configuration. You will be notified of the release date of these great new features:

  • Email Opt-in – Matrix follows international laws, regulations, and best practices regarding the delivery of email. Going forward, all email recipients must consent to an opt-in request sent to their email address before they can receive email messages from Matrix. Matrix indicates when opt-in is required and will withhold emails to a recipient until they have opted in to receive emails from that agent. Each contact’s profile shows when/whether that contact has opted in, and contacts with multiple email addresses must opt in separately for each address. Auto Emails existing prior to this feature being enabled will continue to send notifications just as they do now. However, any newly created auto emails or direct emails – even to that same recipient – will require the recipient to opt in if they have not previously done so. After opt-in is required, the first time an agent sends an email or creates an auto email they will see a one-time alert about the new behavior: Any time an agent creates an email or auto email, they will see an alert if any selected recipient has not opted in to receive emails from them. They can send an opt-in request to the recipient(s) with a single click from that alert.
  • Public & Private Media  Matrix has a new Media Privacy functionality that protects the privacy of homebuyers. It applies only to listing media uploaded or edited after the feature is enabled, and does not retroactively apply to historical listings or listings which are on-market at the time the feature is enabled.  If the listing agent desires, they may choose to designate one of the listing photos as the “permanent” photo, and all others will become private when the listing goes off-market (sold, expired, etc.). If the agent does nothing then all photos remain public, just as they do today. The agent can also update the images to be private after the listing goes off-market if they need to, such as upon receiving a post-sale request from the buyer’s agent or new owner. . If a listing transitions to off market and then back on market, any media — photos and supplements — which had transitioned to private will be transitioned back to conditionally public again. 
  • New Search  Matrix v11 introduces an all-new search interface. Designed to be fully responsive, the new search provides an intuitive and efficient user experience across a wide range screen resolutions and devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and computers. At desktop resolutions, the new search uses a three-panel design that shows the search criteria, map, and search results simultaneously, switching to a touch-friendly layout at mobile resolutions. With the new search, users can:
    • Fully customize their search criteria and results list formats to suit their workflow
    • Use the map to define the search area, view different map layers, select properties, etc.
    • Toggle between the search results Gallery View and List View
    • View a pop-up Summary of the listing, including photos and key details, by clicking a search result or map pin
    • Quickly perform a variety of familiar search actions, such as printing, saving, and sending listings, creating a CMA, exporting the results list, viewing full listing details and other reports, etc.

The new search does not replace the classic Matrix search, which will continue to be available for the foreseeable future. Users can switch between the new and classic search at any time, using either or both as they see fit.