Matrix Update This Week

The update on Tuesday, May 10 brought us to the current Matrix version of 10.8.4. As we had been frozen on updates during the conversion, this update brought us all of the 10.8 enhancements and bug fixes, though we had received a few items as our new system was built out. This update included:

  • Branded Headers in Emails – this is still being configured, but the coding has been deployed to include a branded header in all agent emails. The email header will display the same agent photo and name that appears in OneHome. If an agent has not uploaded a OneHome image, their initials will be displayed instead.
  • Updated User Interface – In preparation for a new search experience that will be introduced in a future release, we have updated the appearance of several modules. Affecting the application’s “responsive” pages, these crucial improvements dovetail with the larger development effort currently under way. Key enhancements include:
    •  Global Navigation Bar
      • Bigger navigation menu text conforms to current best practices for accessibility, with new separator lines for increased clarity. The primary navigation options are now displayed in all caps by default.
      • While this larger menu text makes the content wider, the navigation bar will never exceed the width of the page because any overflow items will appear under a “More” menu on the right. 
      • When viewed on a phone or other small screen, the collapsible, mobile-friendly version of the navigation menu maximizes screen space for working with data. This collapsible menu is available on all responsive pages, as well as some non-responsive pages.
      •  Contacts & Settings 
      • The Contacts and Settings modules have a fresh new look. This is the latest step in our effort to standardize the entire application on a clean new UI that provides an optimal experience on desktop computers, mobile phones, and everything in between. Standardized page elements include a header bar with key functions on the right, a secondary action bar below, and additional tools available via panels that slide out from the side… all tailored to suit the user’s device.
      • In line with best practices for accessibility, we’ve increased the default text size on all responsive pages. Additionally, Contacts list columns that previously used icons to identify their meaning now include text labels.

A number of bug fixes were also included in the Matrix update:

  • 360 CMA Fixed: When the “Find More Comparables” search form was pre-set with a default “within X miles of the subject property” based on the criteria used to auto-find comparables, changes to this distance did not get applied in the resulting search.
  • Add/Edit Fixed: In the screen to manage listing images, some photos with embedded orientation data would overlap the description field. Auto Email Substantial updates have been made to improve performance of auto emails, especially at peak hours of listing activity. No changes should be observable by users, except that clients will receive ASAP notifications of  new and changed listings even quicker.
  • Concierge Fixed: Links to the full display in the Concierge Approvals Map popup were nonfunctional
  • Contacts Fixed: Selecting a contact which has an active auto email and attempting to set the contact as Inactive appears to allow you to do it, but the contact remains active. An explanatory message is now displayed.
  • Contacts Fixed: When using the previous/next controls to navigate from one contact’s details page to another, the new page would jump to the bottom of the page after loading.
  • Contacts Fixed: Editing a contact from either the Send Email or Create Auto Email page would error if the contact had multiple email addresses.
  • Email Sending an email or auto email to multiple recipients now displays any validation warnings one recipient at a time, with the ability to navigate from one to the next, addressing if applicable.
  • Sending an email or auto email while having the “also send via text” option selected allows the email to be sent. Recipients who have opted in to receive texts will receive both text and email notifications, while other recipients will receive only email.
  • When a contact opts in to receive texts, they will immediately receive the most recent email or auto email sent to them for which text delivery was selected, if such an email exists.
  • Input Fixed: AutoRecovering a partially entered listing would error if that partial listing was autosaved with a null status value.
  • The ability to click on a map layer and add that location’s boundary as a search polygon is now available in the popup search map, used for hot sheet criteria, editing autoemail criteria, etc.
  • Agent Web Pages Fixed: The option to define a default map area for an Agent Web Page is now working.
  • Auto Email Fixed: Some auto emails would incorrectly send the contact a notification that the criteria was modified. This occurred after sending a warning notification to the agent that the no listings had been found and the auto email would expire soon if not renewed.
  • Auto Email Fixed: When saving an Auto Email and creating a new contact from that screen, the warning message that no “To” recipient is selected does not disappear after the contact is created.
  • Contacts Fixed: Some contacts displayed a negative number of Favorited listings.
  • OneHome Links to the Portal sent to a contact prior to using OneHome would error after the link expired in Matrix. Those links now redirect the contact to OneHome.
  • Agent photos used for OneHome branding and the Portal’s “My Agent” page which are smaller than 500×500 pixels will now be centered within the allotted space instead of aligned in the bottom right corner.
  • Auto Email Fixed: Sometimes when an agent modifies the criteria of an auto email theprospector continues using the previous criteria.