MetroTex Teams Up With Leigh Brown for National Real Estate Ethics Day

Leigh Brown, CEO of One Community Real Estate™, is spearheading the fourth annual nationwide Code of Ethics training event on June 17, 2021. Brown will teach the National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics class to participating associations across the United States. MetroTex is proud to sponsor this event, bringing you a way to meet your triennial REALTOR® Code of Ethics requirement while renewing your pledge to our Code at no cost to you.

As former EVP William D. North wrote, “To endure, the Code must be a criterion of excellence while at the same time constituting a realistic standard of performance. It must be a guide to measure professional conduct, while at the same time representing the furthest reach of professional aspiration. The Code must remain constant without becoming absolute, must be enforceable without being oppressive, and must be meaningful without being dogmatic. To REALTORS®, the Code of Ethics offers the lessons of hindsight, the guidance of foresight, and the understanding of insight.”

The National Code of Ethics class will be broadcast LIVE! Thursday, June 17, 2021 from 12:00-3:00 pm (CST). Register here!

What You Can Expect

This class will help REALTORS® clearly identify to clients who the REALTOR® is working for and will also help the attendees realize their duties extend beyond the client to all other parties involved in the transaction as well.

Participants will learn to put the client’s best interests first and ahead of their own. REALTORS® make every possible effort to understand and meet the specific real estate needs of the clients they represent. It’s their responsibility to conduct the due diligence necessary on the client’s behalf and share all relevant information so informed decisions can be made.

Participants will learn they are also bound to full disclosure. This disclosure includes all the facts related to the property and the transaction and involves both the buyer and the seller. For example, if a roof leaks and the REALTOR® is aware of it, yet the seller has not disclosed that information, the Code of Ethics will not allow the REALTOR® to withhold that information.

We will go over every article in the code, including code 10-5 and Fair Housing changes! The class will give real world examples why the Code requires REALTORS® to be truthful in all communications with the public. Whether it’s a social media post, an advertisement or newsletter, REALTORS® are very careful to relay accurate information to consumers so as not to misrepresent their clients.

Are you ready to participate in a required class in a fun and non-traditional way?

If you said, “yes!”… then join us for National Real Estate Ethics Day 2021! As a REALTOR® you have a duty to your clients, duty to the public, and duty to other REALTORS® to remain informed on issues affecting real estate. Get your triennial COE requirement taken care of AND drive your business practices and improve professionalism overall. It is a win-win!