New Rules Approved Banning Short-Term Rentals in Dallas Single-Family Neighborhoods

The Dallas City Council has approved new rules that will restrict where short-term rentals can operate and mandate that properties be licensed in order to accommodate guests.

The Dallas City Council voted and approved the following rules related to short-term rentals:

  • Change zoning rules to ban rentals from operating in single-family neighborhoods.
  • Allow for only one rental in a single unit.
  • Require off-street parking.
  • Properties must annually register with the city.
  • Properties must pay related fees and taxes.
  • Properties must adhere to occupancy and noise limits.
  • Properties must have someone on file who can respond to the property within one hour to address emergencies.

The topic of short-term rentals regulation has been a debate for several years and continues to be debated even with the newly approved rules. Public comments from both sides of the debate voiced their opinions on the stricter regulations. Current MetroTex President Belinda Epps stated, “The REALTOR® organization advocates on behalf of property rights and promotes home ownership. The protected rights of a property owner to rent their property are important to maintain our vibrant and diverse community.”

It is unclear at this time when the new rules will be enforced. The code compliance office said it could take at least six months.