North Texas Dominates List of Best Telecommuter Cities

Seven North Texas cities have landed on LawnStarter’s list of 2020’s ten best telecommuter cities.

Ranking first overall, McKinney was second in work environment, second in connectivity and convenience, ninth in cost, and 25th in opportunity and earning potential. It ranked second in highest average Internet speed.

No. 2 Frisco ranked first in both work environment and connectivity and convenience. It was sixth in opportunity and earning potential and 72nd in costs.

Frisco had the highest average Internet speed and most home office and coworking space.

Other North Texas cities in the top ten were:

No. 3 Plano, ranking 13th in opportunity, 3rd in work environment, 55th in connectivity, and 28th in cost;

No. 4 Irving, 19th in opportunity, 24th in work environment, 29th in connectivity, and 2nd in cost;

No. 5 Garland, 29th in opportunity, 44th in work environment, 29th in connectivity, and 12th in cost;

No. 8 Fort Worth, 78th in opportunity, 46th in work environment, 10th in connectivity, and 17th in cost; and

No. 9 Dallas, 90th  in opportunity, 26th in work environment, 16th in connectivity, and 40th in cost.

Austin came in seventh, and Yonkers, N.Y., and Orlando, Fla., ranked sixth and tenth, respectively.

Other Texas cities in the top 50 were No. 14 Arlington, No. 23 San Antonio, No. 29 Houston, No. 38 Lubbock, No. 40 El Paso, and No. 46 Corpus Christi.

To compile the rankings, LawnStarter compared the 150 biggest U.S. cities across 15 key factors such as remote job opportunities, Internet speed, and the cost of renting a home office.

Source: LawnStarter