What You Need to Know About the Upcoming Matrix Email Opt-In Requirement

In preparation for the new Matrix Email Opt-In requirement, please take special note of the information below before the Email Opt-In requirement is implemented. We will announce more specific details and the roll out date once it is available.

Email opt-in – Matrix follows international laws, regulations, and best practices regarding the delivery of email. Going forward, all email recipients must consent to an opt-in request sent to their email address before they can receive email messages from Matrix. Matrix indicates when opt-in is required and will withhold emails to a recipient until they have opted in to receive emails from that agent. Each contact’s profile shows when/whether that contact has opted in, and contacts with multiple email addresses must opt in separately for each address. Auto Emails existing prior to this feature being enabled will continue to send notifications just as they do now. However, any newly created auto emails or direct emails – even to that same recipient – will require the recipient to opt in if they have not previously done so. After opt-in is required, the first time an agent sends an email or creates an auto email they will see a one-time alert about the new behavior: 

Any time an agent creates an email or auto email, they will see an alert if any selected recipient has not opted in to receive emails from them. They can send an opt-in request to the recipient(s) with a single click from that alert.

For questions, contact MLS Technical Support at (214) 540-2755.