UPDATE: NTREIS Matrix MLS Connectivity Issues Resolved

UPDATE: 10/23

Internet outages in various regions from AT&T and Spectrum were interrupting the path for some users to get from their Internet Service Provider to the login for Single Sign On. In some cases, users were able to login to SSO, but could not connect through to Matrix or Realist. As the ISPs repaired, the connection paths become stable by late afternoon.

Links to outage maps are below: 



NTREIS Matrix MLS is experiencing intermittent connection outages. We are aware of the issues and are working with NTREIS to resolve them.

If you experience issues, please email the MLS department at mls@dfwre.com with any of the below information that can be provided. We appreciate your assistance as well as your patience in this matter.

·         Date/Time of error (when did it occur):

·         Error message (what are you seeing):

·         User ID’s (MLS Login ID):

·         User Type (agent, unlicensed assistant, etc..):

·         # of known users reporting the issue (Anyone else in your office or household having issues?):

·         ISP/Internet Service Provider (who do you have Internet with):

·         Device (what are you using to access the MLS):

·         Operating System (Widows or MAC?):

·         Browser/Version (Google Chrome/Internet Explorer/Internet Edge/Safari/Fire Fox):

·         Screenshot including URL ( if you can, screen shot including the internet address at the top of the browser page):