Professional Development Courses:

Business Planning

MetroTex offers several live broadcast classes to help real estate professionals create a successful business plan and stick to it. These classes for beginner and experienced agents will help you with the tips and tricks you need to create a successful business.

4 Skills You Need To Improve Your Transaction

Course #37377, 2CE, Provider: Texas REALTORS® #0001
$35 | $25 Members

Communication, cooperation, courtesy, and competence will benefit you during each phase of a transaction. Get details on these four C’s and how using these skills will help you provide clients with the high-quality service they deserve.


Business Planning for Real Estate Agents

Course #37576, 4CE, Provider: Texas REALTORS® #0001
$55 | $45 Members

This is an introductory course in annual business planning for the real estate professional. Gone are the days when you could be successful in real estate with three methods of lead generation. Successful agents have 6-10 methods of lead generation, so mastering 1-2 new methods annually to reach success is imperative. The course will cover some of the best practices of successful agents. Teach agents how to understand sales numbers (number of buyers, sellers, and average sales price) from current and previous years to help determine target markets, prospects, and where marketing dollars will be most effective.

The Texas license holder will learn to identify and develop key areas of business growth and sustainability. Will learn to set personal/business goals, assess areas for growth in lead generation and analyze possible new lead generation methods. Also gain understanding on how to project expenses and income based on previous sales and goals for growth. With this understanding the licensee is better equipped to determine what information sources are providing the right data to help their business grow and adapt to better serve their clients.


Disclosure: What You Can & Can’t Say

Course #38995, 2CE, Provider: Texas REALTORS® #0001
$35 | $25 Members

This course presents disclosure practices to help you better understand how, what you say can get you into trouble, and how to avoid it. Participants will learn what items are their duty to report, as a result of the client/agent relationship, and how to help clients understand what must be disclosed in their real estate transaction

License holder will learn what they can and cannot say to parties in a real estate transaction. This will help them to properly make disclosures as required by law based on the stated disclosure practices. License holder will learn compliance with the policies and guidelines that govern appropriate business conduct and maintain the integrity of a real estate transaction. As a result, they will be more effective at managing disclosure risks for themselves, their clients, and their brokers.


Ins & Outs of the Buyer's Rep Agreement

Course #36909, 3CE, Provider: Texas REALTORS® #0001
$45 | $35 Members

What is this form? Why should you sign it? The Buyer Representation Agreement is a legal document that formalizes the working relationship with a buyer’s representative, or brokerage and perspective client. Detailing what services, clients are entitled to and what the buyer’s rep expects from them in return. While the language used in the document is formal, homebuyers should view it as an important and helpful tool for clarifying expectations, developing mutual loyalty, and most importantly, elevating the services you will receive.


Mastering Buyer Representation

Course #38246, 3CE, Provider: Texas REALTORS® #0001
$45 | $35 Members

This course focuses specifically on the skills and expertise needed to be a successful Buyer’s Agent. Major aspects of buyer representation will be covered including prospecting, identifying properties, showing strategies, making offers, handling inspections and repairs, and successfully closing. This class provides the tools necessary to build a successful business focused on helping buyers navigate the real estate process.


Mental Toughness for REALTORS®, Keeping Emotions Under Control

Course #41838, 2CE, Provider: Texas REALTORS® #0001
$35 | $25 Members

Upon completion of this course, license holder will gain a thorough understanding of how to use mental toughness to remain in control of any transaction. How to use mental toughness to keep the home buying process moving along and how to handle objections in high pressure situations. Also gain an understanding of client’ thought process so agents can better understand their home buying issues, plus the importance of the issues facing the real estate industry found in the DANGER Report, and how to handle them. How to use mental toughness to stay focused during high stress level of a transaction.


Seller Boot Camp

Course #39784, 3CE, Provider: Texas REALTORS® #0001
$45 | $35 Members

This course by Rhonda Hamilton will equip the real estate agent with an understanding of the five stages of the seller client lifecycle. Each seller client is unique and has needs, goals and objectives unique to them. Those needs goals and objectives are different in each of the five stages. Agents will be more successful in reaching seller clients and effectively guiding them through the complicated selling process, if they develop the necessary skills of effective messaging, marketing, and transaction management. A skilled agent is of extreme value to the seller because they help the seller to have a successful selling experience.


Reverse Mortgages for REALTORS, An In Depth Look At Today's HECM

Course #41958, 2CE, Provider: Texas REALTORS® #0001
$35 | $25 Members

This Reverse Mortgage class is an introduction to the federally insured Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) Program. The course provides attendees with an in depth explanation and understanding of how the Reverse Mortgage operates and who qualifies. Some of the topics covered include payment options, borrower obligations, settlement costs and interest rates. In addition, the class provides up to date information on major changes FHA has made to the program, including the Reverse Mortgage for Purchase, income and credit qualification, protection for spouses under the age of 62 years old, and many others.


Understanding Agency

Course #39712, 2CE, Provider: Texas REALTORS® #0001
$35 | $25 Members

Many buyers and sellers do not understand how they are represented in a real estate transaction. This course covers the disclosure of agency roles to clients and the importance of effective communication with customers to help them understand the choices they have. Agents will gain perspective on their role when acting as a subagent and overall intermediary agency roles. They will learn the nature of the agent/client relationship including fiduciary responsibility and how to handle confidential information.

This course will provide the real estate license holder with insight regarding the guidelines for ethical and moral conduct on their part when involved in a real estate transaction. How they govern themselves and their responsibilities/obligations to the client. Gain understanding on mandatory disclosure, who they represent in a transaction and the difference in duties to customer versus clients.


Becoming Irreplaceable Part 1

Course #39393, 1CE, Provider: Lead Domino #10009

Who is John Israel?

John Israel is founder and Chief Gratitude officer of Mr. Thank You, a consulting firm focused on client and team retention. John is one of the most sought after speakers and trainers who teaches real estate professionals how to retain top clients and team members by creating a culture of connection.

His work has reached millions of people and been featured on: ABC, Fox News, TEDx and various other media outlets. John’s mission is to re-humanize the workplace and client experience.

What you’ll learn: Agents will able to effectively connect with all customers regardless of sex, race, ethnicity, or socio-economic background

  • by learning the natural innate needs that move customers to take action
  • by learning how ask the right questions to better understand their clients specific needs as it relates to their values and real estate needs.
  • by learning how to appropriately and effectively follow up with their clients in a purposeful and meaningful way.
  • by learning how to customize the real estate transaction to this clients specific goals, values, and needs.


Becoming Irreplaceable Part 2

Course #39394, 1CE, Provider: Lead Domino #10009

What you’ll learn:

Agents will learn how to continue connecting with future real estate customers as the marketplace turns more digital and automated

  • by learning the current trends in global marketplace consumer behavior
  • by learning the current data on human relevance in the U.S. job market
  • by learning what consumers are seeking in relationship to working with a sales person
  • by learning what other Real Estate agents and other businesses are doing to remain competitive with the changing times.

Becoming Irreplaceable Part 3

Course #39395, 1CE, Provider: Lead Domino #10009

Agents will learn how to create loyalty by:

  • Addressing the qualities that cause customer defection (using another Realtor)
  • Learning what other successful businesses do to garner lifelong loyalty
  • Learning what every client needs to experience in order to stay loyal to their agent
  • Thinking through and designing their own unique client journey


Becoming Irreplaceable Part 4

Course #39395, 1CE, Provider: Lead Domino #10009

Agents will learn how to generate future sales through referrals by:

  • Learning the scope and span of their current network and database
  • Discovering the appropriate ways to generate referrals WITH and WITHOUT asking
  • Learning the digital assets Real Estate Agents need to have to confidently generate referrals in today’s on-line marketplace.
  • Learning the follow up strategy process that will allow agents to keep top of mind with their prospects and database