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Commercial real estate can be an exciting path for your real estate career, but how do you learn the business? MetroTex can help with our live broadcast classes, covering every aspect of commercial real estate from leasing and owning to tax implications and marketing. Classes for beginners and experienced agents are available to help you find success!

The Texas Accredited Commercial Specialist certification teaches you how to represent clients, perform market analyses, negotiate, and understand property development and management. The TACS will also equip you with skills in marketing and business development. This certification shows that you’ve pursued an intensive course of study in commercial real estate and that you’re dedicated to providing the highest level of service to clients. Click here for more information!

Commercial Leasing 101

Course #39819, 3CE, Provider: Texas REALTORS® #0001
Instructor: Michica Guillory

$45 | $35 Members

This course by Michica Guillory is for the residential real estate professional interested in commercial real estate. Learn the basics and beyond. From working with landlords and property managers to leasing office and retail space. The course covers basic vocabulary and basic mathematics. It also discusses some basic principles of how to communicate most effectively with landlords and property managers, the build-out process and what truly are the real estate professionals’ responsibilities in the commercial leasing process. The course is designed to remove the mystery of the build-out process and to illustrate why staying out of this part of the move-in process is crucial. By completing this course students can gain a tactical advantage in negotiations by illustrating how to best utilize certain clauses of the lease. Other topics of discussion include insurance needs and some tricks of the trades that landlords and property managers don’t like to share.


Commercial Leasing Contracts 101

Course #39824, 3CE, Provider: Texas REALTORS® #0001
Instructor: Michica Guillory

This course is designed to walk real estate professionals through a variety of commercial leasing contracts. Using the TAR commercial lease contract as a guide, the course will focus on discussing how each clause in the contract is used. A variety of TAR commercial lease-related clauses will be covered, how they fit in with the lease contract and when exact language of a clause, such as the subrogation clause, requires consultation of a real estate attorney. Other topics include additional rent, letters of intent, construction riders, commission agreements and more.

The objective of this course is to inform real estate license holder about the sales contract forms available for use in commercial transactions, the proper way to complete the forms without engaging in the unauthorized practice of law, the purpose of specific contract clauses, and negotiation strategies to use to their best advantage in completing the sales contract.

**This 3 hour class will satisfy the TREC Contract Education Requirement for license renewal**


Commercial Property Management 101 – (Apartments Not Included)

Course #36269, 4CE, Provider: Texas REALTORS® #0001
Instructor: Michica Guillory

A property manager’s primary responsibility is to protect the landlord’s asset. As a property manager, our job is to manage the effective and safe operation of the asset for those utilizing it – the tenants, their employees, and their customers. This course is designed to teach the aspiring property managers the basics of operating retail, office, and industrial property types. (This course will not address management of apartment buildings.) Class will be broken down into three primary sections: Outside the building, inside the building, and at the desk. Permitting will also be discussed. Finally, the course will be sprinkled with anecdotal material on how to maintain good tenant relations when buildings don’t want to cooperate!


Hemp Laws for Commercial Real Estate & Land Sales

Course #41115, 3CE, Provider: Texas REALTORS® #0001
Instructor: Michica Guillory

This course covers how legislation has opened the door to the Hemp industry in Texas. Through this class, real estate professionals will learn Texas Hemp Laws for Commercial Real Estate and Land Sales. Other topics include how to serve Hemp industry clients and help them secure business properties in accordance with relevant federal and state laws. Course will cover hemp basics; how to best use contracts and forms; hemp myths versus reality, and current constraints and resources available to you.


How NOT To Accidentally Practice Law in Commercial Real Estate

Course #36267, 2CE, Provider: Texas REALTORS® #0001
Instructor: Michica Guillory

This course covers the rules that apply to all residential forms. Licensed agents and brokers are exceedingly cautious to not accidentally “practice law” when utilizing commercial forms. Yet, contracts still need to be altered sometimes. This course is designed to show licensees how to properly alter TAR contracts and not break the law while doing it!


Letter of Intent 101 – Leasing & Sales

Course #36268, 3CE, Provider: Texas REALTORS® #0001
Instructor: Michica Guillory

This 3-hour course all about how to write letters of intent for both commercial leases and commercial sales transactions. This hands-on class will do two things: thoroughly walk students through the TXR LOI Form as well as review LOI’s offered by non-TXR entities. Students will learn how to effectively negotiate and what terms are best for their clients.


Commercial Real Estate Basics

Course #38338, 3CE, Provider: Michael Jones #4503
Instructor: Michael Jones

The course is directed to residential and/or entry level commercial real estate agents to help understand the differences between residential and commercial real estate leasing and sales. This course is an overview to the real estate broker that exposes him/her to various types of commercial properties and explore how tenants evaluate real estate. Attendees will learn basic knowledge and key terminology to help understand Commercial Real Estate language.


Commercial Real Estate Leasing

Course #38148, 2CE, Provider: Michael Jones #4503
Instructor: Michael Jones

Learn the basics of listing a commercial investment and/or commercial leasing investment. Also, gain an understanding of basic lease types and operating expenses.


I Have a Commercial Deal, What’s Next?

Course #38149, 1CE, Provider: Michael Jones #4503
Instructor: Michael Jones

The objective of the course is to provide basic real estate content towards residential Realtors on how to handle commercial deals they may have. This course breaks down basic transactional procedures of the various types of commercial transactions from leases to purchase. Attendees will be able to get a high level overall on how to handle a commercial transaction whether they can execute the transaction OR referring it to a knowledgeable professional.