Professional Development Courses:


MetroTex offers several live broadcast classes that help real estate professionals write the best contracts. From beginning to experienced agent, these classes will provide you with all of the skills to master contracts and comply with all of TRECs requirements and standards of practice.

Effective February 1, 2021, sales agents and brokers will be required to complete at least 3 hours of contract related coursework as a part of the required 18 hours of continuing education to renew a license. All of the classes listed below have been approved by TREC to help you fulfill the contract education requirement. For more information about this update, click here.

1-4 Contract Boot Camp

Course #35307, 5CE, Provider: Texas REALTORS #0001
$60 | $45 Members

The purpose of this course is to familiarize the real estate professional with the most commonly used sales contract in a residential real estate transaction. This class provides an in depth analysis of various aspects of the TREC1-4 contract. It discusses the structure and nature of a residential contract along with agent responsibilities. The class teaches on basic liability theories arising from the TREC one to four contract. The class also teaches the real estate agent best practices when using the 1-4 contract as well as contract do’s and don’ts.

Avoiding Common Contract Mistakes

Course #37580, 2CE, Provider: Texas REALTORS #0001
$35 | $25 Members

The purpose of this course is to familiarize the real estate professional with the basic understanding of a contract along with the most common contract errors made when writing a contract. Agents will learn about the Short Sale Addendum and the new RSC Disclosure required by TREC. Plus hear about other often misunderstood TREC forms and their proper use. Also how to handle updates and changes to contracts and other related documents and addenda.

This course will provide the license holder insight regarding the impact of contract mistakes on the transaction and the ability to effectively negotiate the deal; if the transaction needs to be restructured or voided and any possible legal ramifications impacting the parties to the transaction.


Avoiding Contract Pitfalls

Course #38351, 2CE, Provider: Texas REALTORS #0001
$35 | $25 Members

Agents learn skills and develop expertise in writing an effective contract that will protect the client and make it to the closing table. Expose the potential trouble spots in the contract. Discuss timelines and checklists and how they can be used. How to work effectively with the other agent and still represent your client. Ask the right questions to make sure agents are focusing on the client’s goals.


Commercial Contracts: Purchases & Leases

Course #40062, 3CE, Provider: Clifford Bogart #0287
$45 | $35 Members

This Commercial Contracts course taught by Cliff Bogart will focus on the two major commercial contract categories: The Purchase contract and the Leasing contract. We will use the Texas Realtor commercial contract forms and review the major contract elements, their meaning, purpose, and real world application. This 3 hour CE course fulfills the new TREC requirement for license renewal.

Does the Pot Rack Stay?

Course #38189, 1CE, Provider: Texas REALTORS #0001
Instructor: Lori Solecki
$25 | $15 Members

This course will teach you how to create smoother transactions with no questions whether it stays or goes. This course will also help with risk management for less issues in the transaction.


Opting Out - How To Exit a Contract

1CE, Provider: Texas REALTORS #001, Course #37370
$25 | $15 Members

Did you know that in the one-to-four contract and third party financing addendum there are multiple ways that you can get your buyers out of the contract? This course will explain the various options available to exit a contract and retrieve earnest money according to contract guidelines.


Mineral Rights: Who's Are They?

Course #36744, 3CE, Provider: Texas REALTORS® #0001
$45 | $35 Members

With increased drilling activity in Texas, the real estate professional is confronted with the seller’s desire to reserve their minerals when selling their land. At the same time, buyers want some control and protection of their surface when faced with exploration and drilling. How does the agent balance these desires in the sales contract? This course explains mineral rights, substances owned and who the mineral and the surface owners are whenever the minerals have been severed from the surface.

Negotiate to Win-Win

Course #38941, 2CE, Provider: Texas REALTORS® #0001
$35 | $25 Members

Learn to recognize opportunities to negotiate throughout a transaction. Agents will become more effective negotiators in order to have a higher rate of contracts that close, thereby increasing their potential income. Your clients will benefit as you learn common points and the correct approach. Agents will have opportunities to practice strategies, identify client motivation and craft solutions.

The Forms You Need To Know

Course #37688, 3CE, Provider: Texas REALTORS® #0001
$45 | $35 Members

This course reviews the most widely used TREC and TAR forms needed to conduct real estate transactions. Included are various sales contracts and a wide range of addendum. This course teaches the proper use and completion of these forms and provides a comprehensive view of the types of contracts available for use in real estate transactions. It will also cover how to handle updates and changes to contract forms, along with other related documents and addenda.

This purpose of this course is to familiarize the real estate license holder with the most current and commonly used forms in a residential real estate transaction. Will learn to understand and use the proper form(s) for different real estate transactions so that they effectively serve their client. The course intent is to provide insight on the importance of using correct form(s) to ensure a successful transaction for the agent and client.


Understanding Contingency Situations

Course #37907, 3CE, Provider: Texas REALTORS® #0001
$45 | $35 Members

A contingency is a provision in a real estate contract that specifies the contract would cease to exist upon the occurrence of a certain event. “I’ll buy yours if mine sells first.” Contingencies are confusing. What do the forms mean, and which ones do you use for what, and when? Agent will get answers to some of the most common contingency questions. What power does the seller have to move on? What rights do the purchasers have? How to convey a true MLS status and how to bump a contingency out of the way?


REGISTER HERE | August 26, 2021 | 12:00pm – 3:00pm | Instructor: Lori Solecki

Understanding the Nature of a Farm & Ranch Contract

Course #36877, 4CE, Provider: Texas REALTORS® #0001
$55 | $45 Members

This course is designed to provide the real estate professional with an in-depth overview of a farm and ranch contract. Covering tangible and non-tangible assets associated with the property and how the contract is to represent assets rights of buyers and sellers in the transaction.

Wills, Probate and Real Estate

Course #37368, 1CE, Provider: Texas REALTORS® #0001
$25 | $15 Members

This course will instruct real estate agents on how to write enforceable contracts for purchases relating to Wills and Estates. Using case studies, the real estate agent will learn to identify the true parties of interest. This varies depending upon whether the deceased died with a will or intestate.

You Mean Real Estate Contracts Must Be Written?

Course #38974, 3CE, Provider: Texas REALTORS® #0001
$45 | $35 Members

The objective of this course is to instruct real estate agents in the fundamentals of real estate contracts and addenda. This course covers the fundamentals of real estate contracts and addenda, those promulgated or produced by the Texas Real Estate Commission and those produced by Texas REALTORS®. The course will focus on contracts and addenda relating to residential property. This will be a basics course and will begin with offer and acceptance and basic contract formation.

This course is essential and relevant to all real estate license holders as it explores the most frequently used contract in Texas real estate transactions: the TREC one-to-four family residential resale contract. License holders will learn how to advise clients to complete the contract allowing for the most protection for themselves as well as the agent. Real estate agents will be able to apply the knowledge they learn from this course directly to their real estate business when explaining the contract, its parameters, and its intent to clients.

REGISTER HERE | September 15, 2021 | 9:00am – 12:00pm | Instructor: Rhonda Hamilton

REGISTER HERE | November 16, 2021 | 9:00am – 12:00pm | Instructor: Kiersten Crawford