Professional Development Courses:


MetroTex offers several live broadcast classes to help real estate professionals with the inspection process. From beginning to experienced agent, this set of classes ensures that you and your clients understand the process and feel confident during your next transaction.

A Guide to Home Inspections

Course # 38113, 1CE, Provider: Texas REALTORS® #0001

This course outlines three areas of the real estate transaction that are affected by the home inspection, including: how buyers benefit from a home inspection, what sellers should do to prepare the home for inspection, and the scope and limitations of the home inspection. Also understanding the limitations of the home inspection can be a negotiation point on behalf of their client.

Blue Print Reading 101

Course # 38116, 1CE, Provider: Texas REALTORS® #0001

Learning to read blueprints is essential not only for construction workers but also for agents who desire to sell new homes, so that they can help their clients make a more informed housing decision.

City Codes, Ordinances, and Restrictions – Where To Start

Course #36964, 2CE, Provider: Texas REALTORS® #0001

City ordinances regulating development within the city can change based on the actions of a city council. The purpose of this course is to familiarize the licensee with city codes and development regulations so the licensee can provide the most intelligent level of service possible to the client. It will show the interdependent relationship between city staff, builders and the real estate agent in the process of property development and sales.

This class will provide the licensee an introduction to city housing development and building guidelines, review updates and provide insight on the most important and most needed development regulations that govern real estate sales and development.

Foundation Repair as They Relate to Real Estate Transactions

Course #38012, 3CE, Provider: Thomas Kidd #0576
Instructor: Billy Tatum
$15 | $10 Members

Don’t let the idea of repairs to a faulty foundation kill your deal. This course will help you gain a better understanding of foundation repairs.

Topics covered include:

  • How to read engineers reports
  • How to understand plumbing tests
  • How foundation issues can affect closings
  • How foundations are evaluated

Learn more about Structured Foundation Repairs.


Home Inspections 101 – What Every REALTOR® Should Know

Course #36120, 1CE, Provider: Lead Domino #10009
Instructor: Lance Dunahoe

In this course you will learn what an inspection is & what it is not, the ins & outs of home inspections, and the different types of inspections. The instructor will review the TREC inspection report and the TREC Standards of Practice & how they will affect your business.


REALTOR® Inspection Survival

Course #36124, 1CE, Provider: Lead Domino #10009
Instructor: Lance Dunahoe

In this course you will learn how to help your client navigate through the inspection, manage their expectations, and how survive the inspection process. It will help you understand the role of the home inspector, and you will learn the 5 key actions during the inspection process.


REALTOR® Liability and the Home Inspection

Course #36119, 1CE, Provider: Lead Domino #10009
Instructor: Lance Dunahoe
$25 | $15 Members

Learn how to protect yourself from undue liability during the home inspection process. Some key topics include:

  • Navigate through the referral process
  • Avoid any “slip-ups” when talking to clients about specific topics
  • Reduce your liability so you always land on your feet


Inspection Report Review

Course #36122, 1CE, Provider: Lead Domino #10009
Instructor: Lance Dunahoe
$25 | $15 Members

This interactive course walks you through an actual inspection report. You will gain a better understanding of typical home inspection findings and how they are documented. It will help you set proper expectations for your client during the report review, and  discuss the purpose, limitations, & client responsibilities after the inspection is complete. Additionally you will learn how to handle specific situations to limit your liability.