How to Reactivate an Expired Listing

If your listing expired less than three days ago and you need to reactivate, you are in luck!   You can reactivate it with Matrix.  Note – this can only be done with in three days of expiration.

  1. You must have the MLS number of the expired listing to begin.
  2. Go to the input tab and input the MLS number in the Quick Modify blank.
  3. The edit screen for the listing will appear. You will select “Change to Active”
  4. You will see the following screen and enter the new expiration date and submit.
  5. Your listing will then be active.

Note:  If you access the listing and simply change the expiration date in the body of the listing your listing will still be expired with a future expiration date.  You would need to contact the MLS Department for assistance in that case.