®’s New Campaign Advocates for Buyer Representation® is standing up for buyer’s agents and is calling on you to join them in a new campaign that highlights to consumers everything that agents do for them before, during and after the homebuying process.

The national multi-tiered integrated marketing campaign launched last week across print, digital and social channels and showcases an astounding 111 item to-do list that an independent buyer’s agent facilitates during the homebuying transaction. The tagline, “Here’s 111 things to-do, or, do 1 thing. Find a buyer’s agent,” is a call to action for consumers to find a trusted agent to represent their interests during the often costly and complicated home purchase process. The campaign debuted Wednesday with full-page ads of the 111 item to-do list in the Wall Street Journal and New York Post.

“Buyers need professional support and expertise while navigating the largest financial decision of a lifetime, especially amid challenging market headwinds,” said® CEO Damian Eales. “The goal of this campaign is to make sure every American understands the value of having a buyer’s agent represent them by showcasing all the services they provide clients in a typical transaction. We’re asking everyone in the industry – agents, brokers, MLSs, and even portals – to join the cause to help make sure consumers get the representation they need and deserve to avoid making costly mistakes.”

In an opinion piece published in the Wall Street Journal last week, Eales wrote about the benefits of the U.S. model providing lower overall costs and better representation for buyers and sellers alike, “Americans chose this model for good reasons. Before the 1990s, few people in the U.S. used a buyers’ agent. Yet home buyers began to demand representation, especially low-income and first-time buyers who needed help navigating the process. Consumer-rights advocates championed this development. As buyers’ agents became more popular, eight states even banned the old model of a single agent representing both parties. Americans effectively gained two agents for the price of one, and that price has fallen from over 6% to closer to 5% today. Discouraging the use of buyer’s agents would reverse this progress.”

As part of the campaign,® is calling on you to support the effort and help spread the word via a campaign toolkit that will launch in the coming weeks. It will include customized assets, including a print ad, billboard ad, poster, newsletter, videos and social assets to share via social media, direct mail and other channels.

For those who want to join the cause today: