REALTOR®-Supported Candidates Have Strong Showing in Primaries

RPAC- and TREPAC-supported candidates had a good election night. In fact, 96% of REALTOR®-supported candidates—from both political parties—won outright or are heading to a May 24 runoff to earn their party’s nomination. Early voting for those runoffs begins May 16.

By the Numbers

The REALTOR® Political Action Committee and TREPAC/Texas REALTORS® PAC took positions in 79 state and federal races in Texas. Of those 79 races, the candidates in 76 races (96%) either won outright or are heading to a runoff. Here’s a rundown of primary election highlights for the North Texas region:

Texas House & Senate

Winners (* = open seat, (i) = incumbent):

  • SD 8 Angela Paxton (i)
  • SD 9 Kelly Hancock (i)
  • SD 10* Phil King
  • SD 12 Tan Parker (i)
  • HD 2 Bryan Slaton (i)
  • HD 4 Keith Bell (i)
  • HD 33 Justin Holland (i)
  • HD 65* Kronda Thimesch
  • HD 98 Giovanni Capriglione (i)
  • HD 113 Rhetta Andrews Bowers (i)


  • HD 70* Jamee Jolly
  • HD 91 Stephanie Klick (i)
  • HD 93* Laura K. Hill

For statewide election results, visit Texas REALTORS® website.